How To Get ANY POKEMON YOU WANT In Pokemon Sword and Shield! ALL Pokemon Den Locations and Spawns!

this is going to be your guide for

getting any Pokemon you want from max

trade battles in Pokemon sword and

shield yeah you heard me

giganto max hidden abilities rare

Pokemon you can have it all with this

method somebody ends up helping you out

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friends so coming from Philly BT on

Twitter he's the one that posted his

discord is the one that discovered it

and we have the fastest way to hunt

Giganta max Pokemon in sword and shield

but I want to take this one a bit

further because we have all of the dead

locations and now we're getting a little

better with understanding how the dunes

work where to find Pokemon Pokemon

locations and stuff like that so let's

just kind of bring it all together

because personally as a competitive

Pokemon player it's much more important

for me to get hidden abilities and you

can't even take Giganta max Pokemon onto

the ranked battle stadium so depending

on what Pokemon you're looking for the

methods are going to change I did kind

of want to make that clear and became

the video instead of just saying this is

the way of getting Giganta max Pokemon

now you can do so much more with this

but if you're still interested in

getting all the gigantic max Pokemon I

have a guide for it every Giganta max

location pokemon sword and shield check

out that video if you liked it go

through my pokemon sword and shield

playlist maybe you'll find something

else that you really like or really need

and let's get into it so same rules

still apply when it comes to Dynomax

dens that if you want a purple beam for

rare Pokemon you're going to need a

wishing piece and my video preparation

has failed me so when you throw in the

wishing piece you're going to have an

opportunity to reset the den so quickly

hit the home button and then you can see

what it is red beam means that's going

to be from the common Pokemon spawns and

then the purple beam means it's going to

be from the rare Pokemon spawns and

that's where you're going to need if you

want a gigantic max Pokemon or like a

fully evolved rare Pokemon or something

like that so if you see red beam then

what you want to do just close out the

game and then keep going until you get

the Pokemon that you're looking for

otherwise we're just gonna have this and

this is going to be recommended for

getting hidden abilities because the pre

evolution of a Pokemon can be more

common on that first table and it also

can have the hidden ability so this is

going to be a way of cycling through it

really quickly but now to get into the

insanity of this method so hit invite

all the

and then this is where you change your

date and time so go to settings all the

way down system date and time

right here you're going to need to turn

off synchronized clock via the Internet

and that's going to let you manually

change your time and then just move up a

day do that back out go into the game

and quit when you do this one of the

craziest things I've ever seen in any

Pokemon game happens and it refreshes it

energy pouring from the den you get

2,000 watts now when you use a wishing

piece you don't normally get anything

back but now you can do that and you get

to see a new pokemon this one's five

star instead of four stars and then you

can just keep cycling through it so

invite others make sure you get to that

screen home or not yet just home system

settings system date and time and it'll

keep letting you do it now now there's

been some weird things that have

happened for me with this I've screwed

it up I've broken it I fixed it I broken

it I've made it work I've made it not

work so if something goes wrong just

kind of stick to the original method I

was actually making it work to where I

didn't even have to invite others ready

for battle I was just checking changed

the date checking change in date and was

working automatically but then I

suffered some kind of time penalty and I

feel like whenever you changed the date

and time and save the game or have

autosave apply then it'll actually kind

of time you out but then doing this

method will untime you out from it I

want to do like a different video about

all of these weird things yeah that's

what you can do so now you can pick the

din or the Pokemon that you're looking

for and then you just keep resetting

into this until you get the Pokemon you

want but also getting crazy amounts of

watts so yeah you could just do this for

wot farming that way you can buy all of

the TRS you need for your competitive

pokemon it's pretty crazy like that now

you will need wishing pieces if you are

going for hit abilities but if you are

going for like gigantic Pokemon then you

just kind of keep going until you see

the Giganta max like I said you can find

the Giganta max through the videos that

I already have made but now let's talk

about the drawbacks because Pokemon

games don't like it when you change your

date and time go back to a maker movie

now sapphire your secret bases you can't

do like the daily events inside secret

bases Pokemon Sun and Moon kokapetl go

doesn't like it I think there's a few

other things that go really bad if you

try to change your date and time to

manipulate it or anything like that you

can also I think it's the island scan so

you can lose out on Pokemon spa

and in Pokemon storm shield it's kind of

weird because it kills off a lot of the

natural spawning dens that happen inside

the wild area but when you do this

method it undoes that so I'm not really

too sure also any progress that you've

made with your polka jobs gonna be reset

pretty sure the guy in Stowe inside I

haven't checked but he does the daily

deals pretty sure that those go away so

you do kind of suffer a bit from it and

that's why I haven't made a guide you

know people been saying like oh hey if

you change the same time you can force

the Pokemon spawn well I didn't want to

do that because changing the date and

time is bad for a Pokemon game and I

didn't want any of my audience or

viewers to kind of suffer because they

want to get a mimic you on a foggy day

to set a foggy day or something but it

looks like with this I've been able to

mess up and then make it work again yeah

I could do it here and that's everything

like you just bounce from place to place

to look for the rare Pokemon you want

just kind of go and scoop them up fight

another wishing piece which is easy with

all those watts then you can just go and

grab that and now if you're looking for

your favorite Pokemon or specific

Giganta Maxton ability poke more some

like that this is where you're gonna go

into therapy and you're going to look up

the den location so Pokemon have two

dens one den or mini dens actually

because of the weird way of how this

works based on the rarity of the Pokemon

spawns so common raid is gonna be a den

but then the same location rare so red

beam versus purple beam is going to have

a different listing of Pokemon and once

again it kind of gets weird because

people are reporting Giganta max from

red I think that might have something to

do with just the events that are going

on that if you get the gigantic max

Butterfree Corvin I dread na or maybe

some kind of other forced spawn then

that means it can be inside of a red

beam as well I've noticed this

throughout my play but if you're

targeting Pokemon and if you're using

wishing pieces it's going to call from

these specific dens that you're looking

for and that's also where the rarity

kind of gets weird

so we can do is we can look at 10:26 and

we can look at 10:59 these are the same

dens and fortunately you know Sara B

they do have the little pictures you can

look what you're looking for

find the Pokemon compared to the dens

etc etc well I've noticed is that the

listings on these pages aren't perfectly

accurate that you go down to the bottom

there might be like two pictures that

show I don't really know what's up with

that I think that just might be the

website not being fully updated it's

like it could be here it could be here

from like the launch days of Pokemon

thorn shield we're start

to understand it a bit more now and what

this shows is that the dens role for

these strength of the Pokemon first and

then the rarity so is a three four five

star din if yes then what pokemons gonna

be inside of it one star thirty five

thirty five twenty ten that's going to

show the odds it adds up that's gonna be

a hundred percent however once you beat

the game you don't find anything less

than a three star raid so then you're

gonna have to go for different tables

that means some of these Pokemon just

don't appear anymore inside of that raid

and then you're gonna have to be looking

for other Pokemon and then there's like

the five percent rarest Pokemon that den

there's already finding Giganta max this

is very fine like just notoriously rare

fully evolved Pokemon and stuff like

that so if we go back here we can see

del mais del mais was like a 1% fish /

10% and Pokemon Sun and Moon and just a

really hard Pokemon a fine also I was

like 1% overworld encounters on route 9

but using this method you have a better

chance of forcing it through a max ray

battle and a potentially quicker amount

time also some Pokemon they have like

just certain evolutionary requirements

so I get em Expo come on if you're also

going for hidden abilities this is gonna

be the way to go so you want to like

make sure you're going for the right

color of DIN to match the rarity let's

say you know we have bloom twenty thirty

five percent chance and that's gonna be

in the common one but in the rare one

bloom doesn't even appear so don't just

be like Oh purple equals best every time

some of the Pokemon you're looking for

might be better to get depending on what

your what you're looking for and then

don't worry like you can still find a

pre evolution Pokemon and that hidden

ability is going to carry over so it has

a lot to do with kind of looking for the

then looking for the Pokemon you're

targeting making sure you're getting the

right one and then just resetting until

you get it now hidden abilities are

still very rare but this is better than

just kind of blindly going and wasting

all of your watts since you do have a

lot of wot farming in this method and

you can just kind of keep going until

you find the Pokemon that you're looking

for now let's talk about the legality of

this method because I know there's gonna

be a lot of idiots in the comment

section that are going to go over lucify

this makes you a hypocrite because

you're against cheating and this is

totally cheating no this is not cheating

because you're allowed to turn your

Nintendo switch off and on you've always

been allowed to soft reset inside of

Pokemon games you've also always been

allowed to change your date and time

there are penalties for doing that but

if you're still allowed to do something

inside the games without any external

modification or without any unauthorized


then it's completely fair play and also

people been saying that if I'm okay with

this being used and that means I'm okay

with RNG abuse no RNG abuse is expressly

forbidden it has been stated as such by

the Pokemon company that's because you

need an external program that gives you

access to information you're not allowed

to have with this resetting for the dens

and getting lots and stuff you're just

using the clock on your Nintendo switch

and you're turning off the game and it's

all easily accessible natural gameplay

mechanics they're just kind of acting in

a weird way now when it comes to RNG

abuse you need an external program that

gives you access to information that

you're not allowed to have about the

games so are enjoying that's against the

rules and then when it comes out they're

cheating that's heavy game modification

that's illegal and not allowed this is

not doing any of that so until it gets

patched this is going to be completely

fine to use just like what happened with

the Pokemon Sun and Moon the Pokemon Sun

and Moon there was a polka pail ago if

you like set your clock one minute

before it rolled over into another month

and then you went into your games it

would kind of like make everything in

the polka pail ago advance now this

ended up being patched but until it gets

patched we have no way of knowing if

it's allowed or forbidden so just kind

of use it while you got it and then if

it gets patched then that means it's no

longer usable at this time this is

completely legit because it's not

breaking the game you're not cheating

you're not hard modifying anything just

kind of stumbling through with gameplay

mechanics and getting cool things out of

it some guys in draw the video hope you

all have a nice day thank you very much

for watching