hey guys welcome back to another pokemon

sword and shield video today I'm just

going to be flooding you guys with a ton

of information about max raids hopefully

some of this information will be helpful

and new to you a big shout out to Matt

you kinda for giving me a lot of this

information to relay it to you guys and

hopefully make your max trading

experience a better one with that being

out of the way it let's jump into some

tips and tricks first a raid can end in

two different ways the first is if your

side is Kayode four times total so for

example if I faint two times and then

two of my friends faint once then the

battle will ends the other way is if the

raid goes over ten turns once that

happens the raid will also end if a

Pokemon is knocked out it will be m.i.a

for one turn and then will be revived

automatically during this one turn of

being m.i.a

you can shear your allies on for

potential boosts such as boosted crit

rates stat boosts reflect and light

screen however sometimes your cheering

will do nothing now let's talk about

barriers these are the little red bars

that appear in the middle of a raid

battle these usually are only seen in

Tier two or higher raids and you will

also see that they range from two to

five segments in length

now while this barrier is up any regular

damaging move no matter how strong or

weak it is will always break one segment

of that barrier off so when this is up

its smartest to use your weakest move

while that barrier is still up to save

PP unfortunately multi hit moves such as

icicle spear or pin missile will still

only break one bar of that barrier

however when your Dyna maxed max moves

will break two bars of the barrier once

you do break the barrier the raid boss

will lose defense and special defense it

is worth noting that a boss can set up

multiple barriers throughout a raid

oh yeah and raid bosses do have

abilities nothing is unchanged in how

abilities work anyway let's talk about


so for your side you get one dynamaxx

for the whole battle in other words once

one person Dynomax is no one else can

with that being said the order of

opportunity for Dyna maxing is

determined by who joined the raid Lobby

in what order so for example if I join

first to a raid lobby then someone else

joins second and then third and then

fourth I as the first person will have

the opportunity to Dynomax on turn one

and the second person in turn to the

third person in turn three fourth

person's turn four and then if the

fourth person still has not Dyna maxed

turn five it will loop back around to me

once someone Dynomax is like I said

though no one else can so use it wisely

while you are Dynomax be sure to check

all of the different max moves that you

have and the different special effects

of each max move so for example the max

move max flare will set up the Sun so if

you have a team of fire types next to

you or if you have someone on your side

that has solar beam or solar blade it

would be a really good idea to use max

flare and set up the Sun another example

is max overgrowth which sets up grassy

terrain you can give that Pokemon with

max overgrowth the terrain extender to

make the terrain lasts for eight turns

instead of five so overall it's a really

good idea to become familiar with your

teams max moves and kind of plan

accordingly and use them to your

advantage and while we're talking about

max moves the raid boss usually will use

max moves however it can still use

regular moves for example you may see a

raid boss use max over growth but also

use Giga Drain oh and if that raid boss

does knock out a few Pokemon it can

sometimes nullify your pokemons

abilities and revert any stat changes

that you may have put in place something

to be really careful of for all the

shiny hunters out there if the raid boss

is shiny it will appear as shiny in the

battle with sparkles too however it's

currently presumed that the odds the

shiny odds of raid bosses are still one

in 4096

another random tidbit if you do not fill

your group with four people the game

will automatically fill the remaining

slots with NPCs so if you have two

players there will be two NPCs if you

have three players they'll be one NPC

and so on so forth now this is pretty


the number of stars that the raid is

will guarantee that many guaranteed

perfect IVs on that Pokemon

except for five star raids but one star

will give you one guaranteed flawless IV

two will give you two three will give

you three and four and five will both

give you four guaranteed flawless IVs

which is really awesome now if you're

thinking of catching the raid boss just

know that none of them are 100% catch

rate obviously the lower tier ones are

going to be easier but they are not 100%

also some Giganta max raids are version

exclusive for example dreadnought is

sword exclusive but despite this sword

players can invite shield players to

version exclusive raids and vice versa

shield 2 sword exclusive raids via the Y

comm you can invite players in that's

really cool oh and one more thing on the

whole end of the raid thing after every

KO that is done to your team there will

be a corresponding text box that will

appear so after your team is Kayode once

it will say the storm raging above you

is growing stronger after 2 chaos it

will say the storm is growing even

stronger after 3 kos it will say the

storm is getting too strong to withstand

after the final KO it will say that you

were blown out of the den so now let's

talk about building out your max raid

team first things first you guys should

know about Dynomax levels these are

different from your normal levels and

will determine what kind of an HP boost

you get when you Dynomax you can be as

low as level 0 and as high as level 10

as you see on the screen right now the

lowest boost that you get when you

Dynomax is a one and a half multiplier

it can go as high as level ten with a

two times multiple of your current HP so

you want to make the most of this to

grow Dynomax

you need to use Dynomax candies which

you get from doing max raids if you get

to level 10 like I said that's a two

times multiple on your HP that is double

your HP make sure that you use these

Dynomax candies to get the most out of

your Pokemon and the most out of your

Dyna maxing next up are held items these

work just like in a normal pokémon

battle so use them get some competitive

items maybe a life orb or leftovers or a

scope lens whatever you think fits your

Pokemon find something that works

because held items are just like in

normal battles and you should be using

them lastly we get to talk about the

actual composition of your max raid team

of course you know that you can only

battle with one pokemon in a max raid at

least from what you can contribute

however if you want to build a team that

you can run around the wild area with

and just do a ton of max raids with well

you could do that too and I think that's

really cool so just like in competitive

battling you can experiment with so many

different kinds of teams and what I'm

going to share with you guys right now

is just a foundation and you guys can

experiment with tons of different

combinations and try all different kinds

of pokemon and moves and whatever you

want and that's the fun of this is that

you could try whatever you want and see

what works what doesn't work and try and

do something that's unconventional but

like I said I'm gonna give you guys the

foundation to work off of as someone who

knows a little bit about what it takes

to make a good max raid team ideally a

perfect max raid team is a team that is

diverse and will allow you to have a

specific Pokemon or any situation so the

first thing that you really want to

account for is making sure that you have

a mix of Pokemon that hit very hard both

physically and then others that hit hard

especially for example if you have intel

on on your team this thing has a hundred

and twenty-five special attack that is

amazing that is so good and it also has

some pretty good physical attack however

if you're facing a pokémon like clefable

for example that is more specially

defensive it may not be as smart to use

intel on it made you fine but if you get

something that is more physically

offensive since clefable has lower

defense that would be really helpful and

you'd be able to do more damage to it so

the point here is that you want to have

a few team members that will hit very

hard physically and some that hit

specially so that when you see a Pokemon

that you know oh my goodness this

Pokemon is really going to tank physical

hits but not special hits or vice versa

you have a specific answer to that

Pokemon if you see a raid like a five

star raid in you're like oh crap how am

I going to beat this thing feel free to

look up its base stats and see wait okay

hold on I could use one of my physical

moms or wait I could use one of my

special moms like I said though there

are no explicit right or wrong answers

you should also have one or two bulky

Pokemon or more if that's your kind of

play style on your team that's what's so

fun about this you can make the team how

you want it like I said my advice though

is just to make sure that you have that

mix if you have a team full of physical

pokemon and you face Pokemon that are

all physically defensive like a steel X

in a raid you might not be looking too

good now the next thing you really want

to pay attention to is your type

coverage if you can get a perfect

balance of physical and special absolute

beasts while also having a variety of

moves on each of them then you're

looking really good you'll have an

answer to everything that you see at all

different tiers so take advantage of all

of the TRS that are in the game now as

you earn them from battling in raids

they're really good and they can get you

a lot of diverse moves on your team

really fast now there are so many great

resources and references that you can

use to build these teams and I have a

couple for you guys right now so on

Maryland comm I'll link this down below

he has a team builder that allows you to

enter in all of your different team

members and then see how many total

weaknesses and resistances that they

have now while this isn't as important

since you're not using your whole team

you can kind of see which pokemon you

have more answers to in which you have

less to in terms of resistances so be

sure to check that out I will also be

linking down below

Maryland's pokedex page for pokemon

sword and shield I do think this is

going to be really useful for you guys

and looking up base stats for specific

pokemon mainly because you will see for

every Pokemon listed that

they're strong stats are going to be

bolded and enlarged so especially

anything over like a hundred hundred and

tenth as where you start to get some

really powerful stats and this website

right here you guys will see makes it

really clear and hopefully makes a

little bit easier to build your team out

so to sum things up you want definitely

some answers to physically bulky Pokemon

especially bulky Pokemon and don't be

afraid to experiment with other kinds of

Pokemon - it's okay to use bulky Pokemon

it's okay to try things that you think

will work but also having type coverage

will be very important the bottom line

is you want an answer to every different

kind of raid boss and that is what makes

an amazing raid team anyway that is the

video my goodness I hope this

information overload was helpful if it

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