How to get 5 star Ditto Max Raids EVERY time in Pokemon Sword and Shield


hey youtube

real quick an easy guy non-farming fire

started OHS it's really simple it's arms

pretty identical to their little

formatters with like the soft reset and

stuff like that but um once you get the

purple beam and stuff like that instead

of like soft reset just fighting it even

though it's like a three-star did

however you can actually change their

the green or the star really simple

looks like 30 seconds not even so um I'm

just gonna run you through under on that

so it's gonna be get some worship pieces

my 17 are ready so I'm not gonna buy any

and we're gonna go to the diddle den

which is right here next week so just

like the other guards option make sure

you text beads I'm slow follow save is

off and then you just want to save her

in front of it boom nice I'm gonna shop

every wish and peace into the den now

would you like to save it yes and then

keep eye on the den every turns red you

want a soft reset turns purple what you

want to keep it red I'm a soft reset

plug his program out reboot up the game

so this what this met there it should

kind of up your chance again that five

or six Ivy did oh um without wasting so

much time on like finding the three

stars and four stars even though those

do you have a low chance of again if I

start IV but we just want to up our

percentage I read it again yes honestly

okay so I definitely got over here yes a

nice my second try just well that save

your worship piece it's a force to hurt

so I don't I really don't want a fire

for start so let me do it hit invite

brothers communicate

I'm gonna hitting a home button other

settings all the way down to system date

and time

make sure synchronized clock via

internet it's off Scottie day in time

and then just move it up a day do that

hit the home screen two times to go back

to your game hey quit yes

and you'll get some extra watts from it

it's a new day sorry 2,000 watts right

there I got three star so I'm hitting

fighters again ever repeat their process

again home screen settings date time

date time love if I'm just

two times quick and then you just keep

your people make sure you guys save

right before you start this dungeon I'm

not gonna do it that's fine um just

because in case it does break out a

Pokeball you can soft reset and then

redo it actually I'm gonna do it right

now anyway sorry sorry our veto saver

here just just to be extra careful it

could be it could be two five five or

six Ivy little who knows all right now

wait hope Chabot

nice let's go let's go let's go

uh-huh we're gonna for okay so that's

pretty much it for the garden guys so

now I'm just gonna rinse and repeat

until I get it all kill it and hopefully

I get five five or six IVs or thanks for

watching hit that like please please

please thank you