Pokémon Sword and Shield how to join Max Raid Battles

hi there released five years I'm gonna

talk you through I'll walk you through

how to join max rate battles here in

pokemon sword and shield hopefully the

video will help you out and help you to

take down more max rate battles if it

does drop me a like below as ever is

massively massively appreciative but you

might have noticed when you invite

people to join your max rate battles

that actually it searches and searches

and searches and I've had this happen to

me a number of times and I suspect the

reason for that is because it's actually

quite convoluted or quite well hidden to

join max rate battles but I'm going to

show you exactly what you need to do and

to start with you need to come into y

con by pressing on the y button and

pressing the plus button to connect to

the internet that will tell you to

please stand by while it's connecting

and so long as you have good connection

you will be able to connect up to the

Internet and that will see you through

to actually the next foiler process

which is to press on the X to load new

stamps and when you've got new stamps

here you can see them on the right hand

side you can then head on over to them

with the left analog stick the left

control stick and that will see you into

this section and then scroll on down

until you find people that are seeking

max raid battles now you can obviously

look for ones that are five-star if you

want to go up against five stars but you

can choose whichever one you want and

then you just click on start a challenge

and you can see it's searching some dude

called math is already up for a battle

I've joined this I've said I'm ready for

the battle and then suddenly I've

managed to join somebody else's max raid

battle now it's not entirely foolproof

sometimes it goes wrong sometimes you

have connection errors and I'm going to

talk you through what you can do to try

to get around that as much as possible

in the next little section but before I

do that I just wanted to show you that

you do pick up the same level of candies

and bonus items when you complete max

raid battles

joining it through this process anyway

so looking at the issues that sometimes

you can get sometimes you can just get

kicked with a communication issue and it

doesn't look like it able to find any

stamps or join any max raid battles but

don't worry about

too much because there is sort of a way

around it so you can see that I had no

stamps there so the way to get around it

is to save your progress first and then

shut the game down so go back into your

menu and close it down you press X on

the on the application and then just

select to close and then when you come

back in after that you'll find that once

you reconnect to the Internet all the

stamps reappear and it's a little bit

easier to join battles again so if you

do have an error the easiest things to

do is just turn it off and turn it on

again and that's it that's everything

you need to know about how to join max

rate battles here in pokemon sword and

shield like I said earlier hopefully the

video will help you out if it does drop

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