Black Ops Zombies Pentagon Map Unlock FIVE Tutorial and Dead Ops

I got three words for you see the

[ __ ] ring

what's up guys this is disturbed OC and

I have a tutorial unlocking the Pentagon

zombie map for black ops so what you're

going to do here is as you're in the

chair you're going to look down you're

going to tap l2 and r2 at the same time

keep tapping them until you break out

you're going to run around the room

you're going to look for the computer as

you guys may or may already know there

is a computer in there that you can use

you're going to set this hold the square

button down and you're going to type in

the following the number 3 AR c space un

l o c k which is Treyarch unlock hit

enter and it's a cheat disabled if you

want to add another one in there you can

go ahead and type in do a enter and then

you get the dead ops RK 2 and that's it

guys it's that simple so I'm gonna let

the rest of the video play out but again

thanks for subbing over to see the

replay we really appreciate you guys

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we just put up that big big strategy we

have with me pata stinky and lemon

United of getting to level 25 on kino

der toten so again that's nothing to

what we're gonna do with the Pentagon

map we're really going to do some crazy

[ __ ] with that so guys again please rate

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ok ok

besides disturbed us see