Borderlands 3: How to Carry More Weapons (Unlock Weapon Slots)

hey everyone I'm gonna talk about how to

carry more weapons in Borderlands 3

that's unlocking new weapon slots in the

game when you first start off you're

only gonna be able to carry two weapons

at a time and you're gonna be able to

switch through them by pressing either

triangle on ps4 or Y on Xbox one but as

you progress through the game and the

story you're gonna get more chances to

carry even more awesome weapons and yeah

that means that in order to get new

weapon slots you just basically got a

playthrough the game as you complete

missions you'll eventually get to

another one and then another one you're

also gonna be levelling up on the way so

hey you're gonna be able to use stronger

and stronger ones when you're able to so

yeah if you want to carry three or four

weapons at a time which by the way you

still cycle through them the same way as

you would - you just need to play

through the campaign and continue

through the story that's it that's all

there is to it that's how to carry more

weapons and unlock new weapon slots in

Borderlands 3 hopefully this helped you

out if it did please leave a like if you

have any other questions leave a comment

down below and thank you for watching