Borderlands 2 How To Cheat At Slot Machines!

hey what's up everybody jump in here and

today this is gonna be another

Borderlands 2 Technic video this is

going to be how to cheat at the slot


now these slot machines are located in

sanctuary which is pretty much the main

city of Borderlands 2 and honestly these

slot machines are really dope you can

get some really amazing weapons out of

these slot machines if you can get the

three Marcus's Marcus is the grand grand

prize so that's the one you want and

I've gotten some of the best guns that I

have from just getting three Marcus's so

you do want to probably try to get him

now the problem with this though as you

may know is that it requires money so

you can only do this so much and it's

kind of a big bummer that it cost a lot

of money to do it so the technique I'm

going to show you is how to actually not

use up money to play the slot machines

you can play these slot machines all you

want I'm showing you just right now the

process of doing this it won't

necessarily know have your friends on

and you just want to sit around and

[ __ ] and try to get an amazing gun

in the process alright so right here I'm

phool so this will be my first time I'm

going to show you how to do it as you

may know I've used up quite a bit money

just attempting this I haven't gotten

anything amazing out of this first go I

really haven't got anything good so what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and

dashboard now once again this is another

dashboard technique just like the item

duping button and once again if you're

on the ps3 you could probably just turn

off your console but once your dashboard

that will not save the game you will not

save the game alright so right here I'm

back on the game now so I'm gonna go

ahead and let this load up and give this

another go and see you might get

something good so that's just the whole

idea is that by dashboarding it will not

save your game so all the money that you

spin I mean you can go through all your

money trying to get something amazing

and not get anything but if that happens

just dashboard is that simple and if you

get something good in the process of

doing this just quit

and save the game and if you do that

you'll keep your weapons and items that

you got that you actually want to keep

but by dashboarding you won't actually

it won't save so anything that you get

in the process of dashboarding you won't

save you gotta keep that in mind so if

you get something decent you might want

to consider picking it up and letting

the game save alright so right here I'm

attempting it I am attempting to get

something good again like I said it's

it's not that easy to get something good

it's very rare to get the three Marcus's

but if you can then why not oh crap

grenade you gotta watch out for that

these things can't spit out grenades to

chew but yeah like I said you do

definitely want three marcus's if you

can get that that's where you'll get the

best guns like no joke now I'm only

level 16 you gotta keep that in mind so

the gun I'm gonna get eventually here

it's not gonna be so great and what is

the [ __ ] chances of that holy crap

wow that is so lastic insane three only

two grenades twice what Wow now one

thing to when you do this you probably

want to go ahead and bank a lot of your

items and weapons and have a lot of free

slaughter yeah definitely if you have

the money to like if you have a decent

amount of money definitely want to bank

some stuff cuz you don't want to have

too many items otherwise you're gonna

run into the problem that I was having

which is that you're gonna get full and

then you're gonna have to drop some

items even continue to this process

because you have to pick up the item

that the slot machine spits at you so if

you're fool that's just the thing it's

gonna suck now like I said most of the

guns that you're gonna get are not gonna

be that great some it's they're all

random though so you gotta remember that

like right here like that guns not good

pretty much every gun I've gotten out of

this has been okay some of them have

been okay but nothing fantastic and of

course you want the best out of the best

so like I said it's to acquire that you

really just need to get the Marcus if

you can get Marcus that's amazing also

this is another great way to get reading

him if you can get iridium without

actually like wasting all your money in

the process just save it and then you'll

have the Iranian for upgrading your ammo

capacity and your carrying capacity

all that kind of good stuff so that's

just thing all right so right here I'm

still going through the process like I

said you have to pick it up now I don't

think you can go to go sell these

weapons because that's not gonna that's

not how it works I mean that is not how

it works what you're gonna have to do is

just dashboard and all these weapons I'm

getting I'm not gonna have but they're

not that great so I don't really care

and I rather keep the money and keep

trying to get something fantastic in the

process alright so I just dashboard it

again and now this is gonna be my final

time attempting it and hopefully I can

get something good alright so right here

I'm just gonna go run back one more time

to see if I can get something and this

is from earlier and earlier saved when I

was just recording doing this process so

I don't have as much money as I did

before but alright let's see maybe

something good nope

and let's see this time I saw it all

just comes down to like if you it's

really lock honestly it's all about look

alright now that's a pretty decent

sniper honestly for my level that's

actually not bad let's see what I can

get now alright three cherries normally

three cherries aren't great guns but

that's actually not bad be quite honest

that's actually not bad at all and I

guess that that's good enough for me so

you get the idea you can keep doing this

until you get either three mark assists

and a are just a really good gun and

once you get a good gun all you're gonna

do is just I'm actually gonna shoot it a

little bit here but all you're gonna do

is uh just normal safe just quit the

game and you'll save it and then just

keep doing it and until you get you know

until you get the best stuff so that's

really the technique it's very easy it's

very simple something you can do when

you're playing by yourself obviously you

want to do this when you're playing by

yourself but I hope you enjoyed this

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