Secret Path (Crimson Flower) Unlock Guide - Fire Emblem Three Houses

yo what's up this is unpunctual on how

to unlock the fourth in secret path off

the Black Eagles played through in

firing below three houses if you enjoy

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channel now big spoilers are ahead so if

you guys don't want the fourth path

story to be spoiled there are a lot of

spoilers in this video so make sure to

click off now first thing you need to do

though it's a requirement is reach rank

see as you can see that from your

support with your main character your

bio character and edelgard you're gonna

need to be on Chapter eleven and day

eight or the eighth day of that month so

it is two - eight and you're gonna need

to free explore so you can move around

the academy freely obviously as you guys

will well know by this time in the game

next you need to find edelgard talk to

her she's gonna play a couple secret

cutscenes then complete the chapter 11

fight you'll have another choice at the

end which I'll show you as well and more

secret cutscenes I hope you guys enjoy

professor will you join me there's

something I must do it will take a few

days but I promise we'll be back in time

for the ceremony at the holy tomb it's

meant to be a secret but I'm going to n

bar the imperial capital there is

something I must do there


thank you my teacher Father forgive me

for asking this of you I know how much

pain you're in how the burden of the

throne weighs heavily on you and so

there is no need to apologize papal

guard you must know but I do not have

much time left the time has come

thank you Father now to complete the

Imperial succession you must relinquish

your crown here in the throne the

Archbishop of the Church of saros would

normally act as witness but my professor

will fill that role instead


from this day forward the weight of the

Empire's future shall rest upon my

shoulders all that I do will be for the

benefit of the people of both

Nadel God want a spell the crown is

yours by the covenant between the red

blood and the white sword and by the

double-headed eagle upon your head I

hereby pronounce you the new emperor are

you prepared to take those

responsibilities as your own

in accordance with the ancient covenant

and in keeping with a grass felled


I swear that upon this throne I shall

use my reign to lead focalin to a new

dawn and achieve peace for all

the Imperial succession is complete I

regret when you were stolen away to the

kingdom when the Prime Minister did

those horrible things I could only watch

in I understand father

in those dark times your eyes and your

fists were my salvation within your eyes

I saw true care and upon your fists

clenched tight with indignity I saw the

blood that dripped and fell even as I


I felt that YouTube has to also be

bleeding Your Majesty you must not leave

your sleeping chambers in your condition

adel girl i did not expect to find your


Prime Minister you have misspoken I am

no longer your highness but rather your


impossible it is true Adel God is the

new emperor of the Etruscan Empire

we will summon the officials and prepare

an ordinance at once and you Prime

Minister are dismissed it will be some

time before you are allowed to make

contact with the outside world again No

how can this be


your majesty

thank God my derailed by leave the fate

of Foodland in your capable hands father

thank you for staying by my side

professor now that I'm the Emperor it's

time to grasp my destiny after the

ceremony at the holy tomb I must return

to n/bar this may be the last we see of

each other

we're out of time my teacher everyone is

waiting for us we must go you have

disappointed me adel guard to think that

a descendant of house harris milk would

dare betray the holy church so it is my

teacher who stands in my way I always

knew it would come to this

professor kill adel guard at once she is

a danger to all of Folan such a

rebellious heart cannot be allowed to

keep beating


yeah my teacher I thank you but are you

certain that no now isn't the time for

discussion words cannot properly express

my gratitude professor


so this is the choice you have made you

are just another failure

your presence soils this holy tomb and

disgraces my brethren I will not allow

one who would lend our enemy's strength

to wield the power of the goddess Sothis

I have passed judgment and now I shall

rip your chest open and take back your

heart myself that must be the immaculate

one yes the monsters that have

controlled both 'ln and secret for far

too long Raya is their leader there's no

time to waste

the majesty professor we must escape

while we can