How to unlock the Alternative 4th Story Route with The Black Eagles in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

before I begin this video I just want to

warn anyone that is about to watch it

that there are massive spoilers ahead

for fire emblem free houses main story

for both blackie goes boo lions and

golden deer so if you don't want to be

spoiled I suggest people play for the

game first on one of the three stories

completed and then come back here and

they're interested to see how to unlock

the alternative path because yeah like I

said this is massive story so I'm

actually in the home page right now so

that don't spoil even the slightest

thing so I'm just warning you I'm now

gonna go into the game in three seconds

and actually explain how to get the

alternative route so with that in mind

one two three okay so to unlock the

fourth alternative story route with the

black eagle ions and essentially take on

the role of the antagonist and site and

side with edelgard for the rest of the

story you first need to get Edel guards

support rank to max rank as much as you

can see up until I'm just coming there I

come with the kind of economic until the

there we go until here the second of the

eighth on the second innovate if you

have it or guard up to see rank as high

as possible

you can then essentially go to torpedo

guard and she'll talk about how she

needs to go home to do some business and

they'll be back buddy into the mom

fix-it etc and you essentially need to

agree to go without or guard to unlock a

cutscene that shows are becoming Emperor

after that once you actually get to the

main story mission on the 29 of second

where you actually fight L or guard

after she reveals that she is the flame

Emperor and you betta you have your then

given an option so long as you've done

that cutscene before to protect edelgard

instead of killer does changing the path

for the story so you'll you'll go from

this hero that size of rare and tries to

kill at a guard after the five-year gap

to actually signing with edelgard and

seeing antagonists win at the end

basically I'm not gonna go and show you

too many details on it because I want

you guys to enjoy the alternative story

path goes

me the alternative for fruit is actually

the most enjoyable one so that's my two

cents on that manner but yeah once you

do that you should be fine

just make sure you don't screw up like I

did and forget to go and Seattle go out

on the second the eighth and get stuck

into an infinite loop where your only

choice is to hope you have another save

file or redo the entirety of the story

from the beginning all over again I'll

also link a article down below which

will go towards my article on game Perl

which gives you more details in case you

can't understand me or want more

information so that being said hopefully

that helps enjoy the game it is amazing

and I'll catching the next video catch

you later