How To Unlock The SECRET 4TH PATH In Fire Emblem: Three Houses (MISSABLE / SPOILERS)

how's it going guys and welcome back

today we're going to be checking out how

we can unlock the fourth secret path we

can take in Fire Emblem three houses as

we all know at the beginning of the game

we are faced with a decision of which of

the three houses we wish to side with

now it's important to note that you only

be able to do this fourth secret path /

ending if you choose to side with the

black eagles at the beginning of the

game if you're part of one of the other

two houses you will not be able to do

the secret ending in this playthrough

obviously I think it goes without saying

huge spoiler warning coming up I will

still try to give away the least amount

of spiders possible in this video while

still trying to get the point across of

how it's done

so moving on assuming you chose the

Black Eagles at the start we're gonna

play through the game until we get to

chapter number 11 and right here on the

eighth day of the second month in

Chapter 11 we want to explore on this

free day and go and speak with a door

guard it is very important that you do

this step as this entire pathway is

completely miserable and right here if

you have a support level of C or above

with a Dru guard and yourself you should

be given the option to go back to the

empire with her where she becomes the

new emperor now if you do want to access

the fourth pathway you must agree to go

back with her now assuming that part has

already been done once we get to the

last day of the month and it's time to

take on the mission there'll be a

drastic choice during this chapter we'll

have to choose between trying to kill a

to guard or trying to protect her and

stay by her side if we decide to try and

kill her we will return to the church

and the story will continue as it

normally would however here if we choose

to protect her and stay by her side

after having gone back to the Empire

with her this will take us on the

pathway of the fourth secret ending so

again without giving away too many

spoilers I should point out that you

will lose flame as the character on your

team if you do decide to side with a

door guard here and that's pretty much

all there is to this I would recommend

making two separate save files when you

get to chapter 11 just so once you

finish one pathway you can do the other

path way inside the black eagles house

without having to do the entire game

again so I hope you did find this video

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