100% Experience ISO-8 ► Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (MUA3)

hey guys and welcome to another Marvel

video today we're gonna be discussing

experience boosting ISO a crystals all

these things magic I love them so we've

got enough on all of our heroes today

we're gonna be we're gonna be leveling

it's gonna be insane but I want to show

you what type of experience crystals

there are in the game so the highest and

the best ones you can get are actually

the white ones the white ones increase

your team experience gains so that means

every one out of your four heroes gets

this boost so 96 plus 100 plus 100 so

there's basically three hundred percent

everyone gets three hundred percent

experience post bonus just for Miss

Marvel's gems here but she's a level 100

so it doesn't really affect her what is

still being level she's got a 93 percent

team bonus a hundred here so that's 500

for everyone and she's got a 84 percent

just for herself with a rainbow gym

which is your second best kind of

experience gem which you can actually

get an experience post bonus only on

this hero with us that 84 percent only

affects her but she gets a buff on top

of that with increases damage done to

enemies by 14 percent that is crazy

you know I need her like with this 14%

damage you know Miss Marvel and wasp and

wasp has a 14 percent damage boost

that's gonna be crazy but you're gonna

be max level in no time I'm gonna swap

over to our next one Thor has the five

hundred percent plus his own 100 percent

another 100 percent so he's got 700

percent plus this which basically puts

it at roughly eight hundred percent

experience boost for himself and that's

four hundred six hundred percent for

everyone in the group with the white

crystals and obviously we got Hawkeye

here as well with some more boosting

team crystal that puts up like a

thousand I think I think it's a call it

a thousand just over a thousand maybe is

that right maybe it's under a thousand I

don't somewhere near a thousand

experience in total I think no no it's

not it's more like eight hundred nine

hundred right

yeah crap okay so somebody do the math

for me I'm tired so there's lots of team

experience going out here that means

these three heroes that are not level

100 I'm gonna be living really quickly

and in my next video I'm actually gonna

level them up and I'm gonna be leveling

up all the heroes

to to 100 very shortly very soon using a

very nice extremely fast leveling method

that will get these three up until max

level in like probably like 20 25

minutes you know very easy just nice and

fast and just it's just gonna be crazy

just whopping new ones in and Bam Bam


everyone's gonna be max level in no time

but yet so the blue gems are the worst

of the of them all but they're the first

ones that you actually get sorry I'm

trying to access story here the blue

ones are the first one you get is

actually in the superior difficulty I

spoke about this in a previous videos

you get there you get in your first gem

like this for free after you defeat the

destroyer and speak with Odin right at

the end of chapter 9 chapter 9 at the

end and you've once you to speak to Odin

and you destroy the chests like that

there's like a whole treasure freakin

thing behind him you destroy these and

you'll get an experience yet other than

that you can get experience gems from my

video that you watch previously

hopefully from the Omega rift at the

wave rift basically the mega rift wave

wave thing yeah so you just go in here

you spam it you you you throw on those

those white boosting crystals gems and

stuff you know like give me rare ISO

eight gems put them on all your

characters and from this crap and you

will have these experience gems very

nice and easy I hope that answers a few

questions if you may have had any thanks

guys thanks for watching