Destiny 2 - Complete Forge Secrets GUIDE - How To Activate Drones & Unlock 4th Forge?

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today I've been going over destiny to

video and today I guide you to unlocking

the secrets of the forges in terms of a

quest line many believe including myself

or even Ward you an exotic weapon or

will open off the forth Forge but before

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okay so since the black armory has been

released each week we have had a new

forge each Forge offers a certain weapon

each weapon is used to decrypt a message

within the first forged of mullendore

Forge luckily thanks to those smart

bastards over and over it's destined to

your head secrets page the code and what

we have so far has been correct each

week via the weapon you unlock from the

newest forge a cold vin the first voyage

can be seen when aiming down sights but

also besides these codes seeing the

aiming-down-sights move in the wonder

forge where all this happens there are

what seems to be dormant clones 3 in

total from the start please we knew were

eventually going to be interactive

somehow today I will show you guys

exactly how to interact with each and

then to find a new message which appears

on a TV once these drones have been

interacted with and we're also going to

decipher that code now firstly you have

to do as said in completing at least 3

forges so far in the van door the golf

Hanan and there is an army these need to

be completed while you are chasing the

weapon schematics the heavy machine gun

the sniper rifle on the bowl these are

the three weapons you need hence where

you have to complete the three forges so

once these three weapons have been

obtained you need to head to unit 1 or

forge on earth now most people have been

doing this week by week as one Forge

opens they are been cutting these cards

and collecting those emblems if that is

you this video will still help you on

that third chord on emblem but it's also

a guide for those who may have missed a

chord I wanted to include them all

within a single video which we know so

far as it makes sense or you are needed

to actually activate these drones ok so

the first call to crack an emblem to

obtain you need

to be using the Hammerhead heavy

machine-gun this was the first volunteer

Forge weapons schematic and is needed

for this puzzle now because I've already

posted a guide on this puzzle I will

just go ahead and replay part of that

video which shows you exactly how to do

this I do take my time so it is simple

to follow so check it out for this you

will be rewarded that first envelope

okay so if you're interested in this

emblem I just wanna see how it is solved

this is what you have to do firstly

stand in this air you can see me in on

screen now while you are here with your

hammer head at hand and downsize and

shoot this flame symbol once you have

done that if you look here up on the

floor you will see the Sun symbol here

you have to stand directly on this Sun

symbol so get center of it and make sure

that then stand in this spot and don't

move the following sequence of symbols

you have to shoot you need you from this

position on this Sun symbol so from here

shoot this plus symbol okayed here first

then shoot the letter U located here

then let it out then shoot the letter F

located here

then a letter be located here

then let located here then letter are

located here then I let H located here

and then T located here and then the

plus symbol located here once again upon

doing this you need to locate its Moose

in water polish rock next to your

current position again like with the Sun

you have to be standing directly on this

moon symbol to shoot a second sequence

so make sure you are in place and you

are ready for that second sequence of

symbols you have to shoot so firstly

from this spot shoot the plus symbol


then letter you

then you let it out

then the letter F then letter B

then the letter e

then our

and then H

then the plus symbol I gain then tea

and then shoot is cloud or storm a

symbol upon the Sri Lankan face now

Pandu Nisha we've done this right and

you got sequins right you will get this

exclusive emblem pop up on your screen

and it is people as simple as that okay

so the second puzzle within the volume

the forge requires you to be using the

forge sniper rifle the Tattler gaze

this is a weapon rewarded from a

schematic associated with a golf fan and

porch so if you have this and haven't

done the puzzle yet again in Navarro

forge you need to go to the very back of

the room next to this TV which

eventually gives us a new clue there is

a tiger logo here upon this box so stand

up on here and make sure you are

standing on this Tigers face so with the

sniper equipped look down to your left

on this ramp there is a fish symbol

shoot it

then the fill-in next to the forge there

is a leaf symbol shoot that next up you

need to do almost a 180 as the next

symbol is behind you located on the

screen now shoot it you now have to jump

off this box and go and stand under

strivings face just down to your left so

standing on this Dragons face you need

to scope into where you actually enter

the forge and on this box or crate you

will see this symbol here shoot away

next up located above you Bugs Bunny

shoot him in the face

once you've killed Bugs Bunny turn to

your left and on these rocky pillar

things you'll see this symbol like yeah

shoot away you then guys did you spin

around again and shoot that symbol which

was behind you as I do on screen now

after shooting this last symbol you are

then rewarded this second emblem okay so

now we are ready for the third and the

newest emblem called was a reward so for

this you need to have got the spiteful

Fang ball which is rewarded a schematic

tie to the latest forge

is an Army forge so with this bow in

hand we win the Ballon d'Or Forge this

is what you need to do so from where you

literally enter this Forge area here you

will see this butterfly on the floor you

need to stand on this perfect we get

that butterfly effect damn damn damn

such a great old school movie so

standing on this butterfly you firstly

have to shoot this symbol just the right

of you people call these trees I mean I

made a lot more like lollipops but

either way shoot them you they need to

do a 180 and lock on this rocky pillar

and shoot this well what looks to be a

page is symbol then down to your left on

the floor there is a half Sun symbol

this you need to stand on

so one stood here look directly in front

of you and you will see this heart

symbol in frontier you need to shoot

this symbol twice once you've shot this

symbol twice you then into a 118 and

shoot those lollipops again and finally

the last symbol to shoot is located

behind and above you a pair of wings so

look up and shoot away

you will then be awarded your third

emblem and you are done with shooting

[ __ ] so next up let's go and activate

those drones because you've done all

three puzzles you can now interact with

all three drones and turn them on each

you can see located on screen now

so once you have interacted with all

three you want to head to that TV at the

back of the room you will see now that

there is a cryptic message on it again

of smart bastards over on red secrets

have already translated this and this is

what it leads with eyes fixed past dawn

ends before flame we'll guys bring the

knowledge obtained to the Raiders of

Secrets ste or thyself now this to me

reads about the four four charm guessing

this entire process of what we just did

in shooting symbols and activating Jones

will be needed to be done in order to

lock this 4th Forge that is my guess I

could be wrong I most probably am or it

could be something else like an exotic

weapon quest to kick-start to it or

maybe the reward for doing a fourth

puzzle will reward you an exotic weapon

we know there are few in the game now

still which we haven't seen anything of

we've got the sniper rifle arm blaster

the exotic ball which I know has been

dropping from forges but it was supposed

to be a part of a quest so we will see

people we will see it could also be

something more we don't know there are a

few more healing symbols all over the

forges so this could be a part of them

too which don't know yet but if anything

interesting does come guys Oh have you

covered right here on my channel that is

for sure but yeah guys if all this is

needed to or not before Forge which many

people believe I suggest you get to work

as you don't want to be doing all of

this to unlock the for Forge under there

which released a dam that would be some

work but I'm not no guys we have come to

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