Unlock the Bergusia Forge

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salutations today the final forge let's

get to it

so after the Niobe labs puzzle we

finally have access or the ability to

access the final forge burgos eeeh now

unlike previous forges where you need to

shoot a bunch of fallen or vex in order

to get a drop and that's how you start

the quest instead you go to Ada and talk

to her and she will get you started on

the quest line and the first step of the

quest line is to go to the Leviathan

raid the original Calais raid on the

Leviathan so go ahead and head over

there but you're don't have to complete

the raid you don't have to beat bosses

you only have to destroy Watchers now

Watchers our turrets that are sitting

out in the underbelly certain sections

of the underbelly and you go in there

and there's usually four five or six of

them if you don't destroy them right

away then they get shielded

reinforcements get called and then you

have to start all over again

and that is actually what you want to do

so go to the Leviathan in order to open

the underbelly you have to go to the

switch room and if you're starting from

the left going to the right numbered one

two three four five six

you hit one five three two four six you

may want to have one or two people with

you to do the switches if you're trying

to do it by yourself you can but you're

gonna want a full set of mobility armor

and you're gonna want to run the mida

multi-tool and a mini tool that will

help boost your movement speed so once

you get the underbelly open it'll say

the path is open then just work your way

up don't take the boost up just walk

your way up and then go through until

you hit one of the areas where there's

Watchers and you can hear them dinging

in the background open the door there's

Watchers and then go ahead and take out

one or two of them

and then once you do that reinforcements

get called take the reinforcements out

the shields drop on the remaining

Watchers go ahead and destroy the

remaining Watchers pick up those pieces

and then go back everyone has to leave

the room all the doors shut and the room

resets with the Watchers you'll be able

to hear them again open up the door and

do it and just keep doing that over and

over until you have twenty four once you

get that completed then you're ready for

the four as well not quite

after that you have to pick up more

items and they come out of specific

chess either public event chess strike

chests or supply chests so if you're in

free roam and you find a cache that will

give you two pieces and you need 200 so

each one gives you one percent public

events they give you ten pieces or five

percent and strikes give you 20 pieces

or ten percent so you either need to do

100 chests in free room or 20 chests

from public events or ten strikes and if

that all sounds like a lot well it is so

if you have an improved cash detector

for an area that is relatively small

then you could probably punch it out

relatively quickly public events will

actually take a little bit of time you

can go to the tangled Shore and do the

cryopod public events and you can punch

those out really quickly in about less

than a minute but you have to wait for

them to start what I'm going to tell you

to do is go to the Ezz and go to the

lake of shadows strike it's in the

bottom right area of the map just do

that regular strike don't do a nightfall

don't do Vanguard strength let's do that

Lake of Shadows one and go through and

run through it so only take out what you

have to take out so at the very

beginning you're going to take out a

couple of lights and then you take out a

yellow bar that a little open up the way

for the next area you go and you run

down and take out the boss that all

or the yellow bar at the end of it that

area at the bottom and that opens up the

next area go across the bridge there's

another yellow bar at the end of the

bridge take out that guy and then it

opens up the next area then you have to

go run through a little bit and do a

little parkour around the enemy get to

the next yellow bar enemy and take them

out and that opens up the final area

take out the blight the boss shows up

earn them down however you can and then

you're done you get your twenty pieces

and then you can rinse and repeat once

the timer pops up and starts counting

down you can go back to orbit and then

start it over again now if you need to

because you're running around and not

really picking up very much if you're

running low on ammo go ahead and go grab

some ammo from somewhere and then go

back in and do it again now once you get

100% on there then you're ready for the

next step and that next step is actually

at the burgos eeeh forge what you do is

you go down to trois land go over to the

outskirts go down to sojourners camp and

then go into Niobe labs that big black

door at the back of Niobe labs is of

course a door going to the BIR cozia

Forge get in there start it up now one

of the conditions for this step is to

finish the ignition of the forge at

maximum temper so that means in between

the first round and right after the

second round starts you're going to be

looking for those drones take out the

drones on the left hand side of your

screen you'll see maximum temper finish

out the forge beat the boss and then

you'll have access to the key collect

the loot from the box make sure you do

that and then leave once you do that you

can insert that final key into the

mysterious box open it up and you get a

the cypher mechanism or deciphered

device and also the next step of the

or so the next step of the forge is a

riddle and in order to go forward you

have to complete the riddle riddle by

figuring out what it's trying to say and

go ahead and do it and then the

mysterious box turns into a deciphering

mechanism and in order to progress that

quest you need to have a rare bounty as

it so happens I had a rare bounty

complete when I finished the Burgos iya

forge and got the key the next step of

course is to complete the shattered

throne and get a piece out of there to

finish that West line is gonna take some

work well I hope you enjoyed this video

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this decryption device it's for our

founders journals I've used it to decode

several of our recovered pages it would

appear that project Niobe purpose was to

develop and produce enhanced prototypes

there are even sketchings they appear to

be some sort of advanced weapon one of

the pages provides instructions for a

vessel perhaps we should start there

it's time we discover for ourselves with

civics is after



the missing page