Destiny 2 | Bergusia Forge Unlocked!

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really quickly if you watch this video

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today's video is about Niobe labs and

the Burgos eeeh Forge and with that

being said bungees brand new update

statement on Twitter that's right we've

got some new information and this is

going to make a lot of people happy but

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brand new update to the Peugeot Xia

Forge and Niobe labs stated this the

Berto Zia Forge will open at 2 p.m.

Pacific time that's by the way 5 p.m.

Eastern Standard Time it also went on to

say the Niobe labs puzzle is still

available to solve for rewards but we've

heard your feedback and we will be

decoupling the puzzle completion from

unlocking the forge and there is also a

link that I'll have down below in the


that means the bagozzi of forge is

unlocking literally at the ton of me

making this video in 45 minutes

so you barely have any time to wait

before a brand new forge unlocks to

every player in the game before with the

Niobe labs event update yesterday's

weekly reset we had to actually wait for

a fire team to complete Niobe labs and

it would unlock to everybody now we

don't have to wait and currently right

now there are teams working on Niobe

labs and trying to solve it and it's

been almost 29 hours that's insane

so yeah I don't really want to wait any

longer to complete Niobe labs I just

want it solved or I want the new Forge

now that's literally where I'm at with

this entire event update

I've already uploaded a previous video

kind of discrediting the black armory

and Niobe Labs in general so I just want

the new content what do you guys think

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really quick I want to thank everyone

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