What to do after a pattern day trade restriction?

this is market moves coming at you and

we're gonna do another video on Robin

Hood just explaining the pattern day

trading restriction and what happens

when people get flagged because I got

flagged for no apparent reason to my

count was completely closed and this has

been happening to many people for no

reason so I'm gonna put this information

out there so you can be educated and

know what to do if you're issued a

pattern day trader call right here I

have the email from Robin Hood stating

what happened in my account and also

stating that they can't do anything once

the account is flagged and restricted

for 90 days they cannot remove it for

some reason so what we're gonna do today

in this video is explain what pattern

day trading is what happens if you get

called and flagged and what happens when

that restriction comes because this

happened to me and I did not have

anything under 25km my accounts so I

should be never flagged as a pattern day

trader because I have more than 25k so

first we're gonna go through the email

the email States

unfortunately on 1115 you exceeded your

day trade limit and you're issued a day

trade call so the day trade limit is

when you are surpassing your for pattern

day trades so this is where you trade a

stock or option back and forth in one

day four or more times in the last five

days so five days you go back and forth

in one day on a stock buy and sell four

times so this flagged me this is a day

trade limit is the day trade call this

call restricted your account from

placing day trades so the next day I

woke up I saw this call so right here is

an example of the pattern day trading it

basically states if you make an extra

day trade you're gonna be flagged if you

don't have more than 25k in your account

closing that day so you've seen my

videos you know I'd have more than 25k

in that account I had up to 45 K at one

point because I turned 3,000 dollars

into 45 thousand in three months and

this is all shown live I'll link that

video in the top right so next through


emailed said on 11:18 you place an

additional day trade that restricted my

account and made me restricted for 90

days I can only close positions during

those 90 days the pattern here goes once

you get the day trade warning the day

trade call if you make another day trade

your account as restricted that's what I

did my account was restricted it said

here the Apple warned you blah blah blah

and it did warn me I didn't do anything

about it I just went away and traded my

stocks they pretty much disregarded it

because I said I have more than 25 cases

obviously a mistake on their part so

basically I went on placed another day

trade and they restricted my account for

90 days and then they said here

unfortunately we are unable to remove

the restriction before 90 days is over

so I have no Robin Hood account for 90

days for no reason and there's nothing

they can do about it so this has been

happening to everybody and their mother

and I just want to put this video out so

you guys know so I'm putting this video

out so you can understand what happens

if you go through this process I'm gonna

go next to fidelity comm they explain

what should happen and this has been

happening to many people so this is

obviously a mistake on Robin Hood's app

so what should happen is pattern day

trader her designation requires a

minimum margin equity plus cash of

twenty five thousand dollars at all

times or it will be issued a day trade

minimum equity call so if you day trade

back and forth and your account falls

below 25k and let's say it's 22 K the

next morning it's gonna ask you to

deposit three thousand dollars and if

you don't you're placed on this

restriction where you can't buy and sell

on that day no more day trades for you

until you get above 25 K and the biggest

thing here is if you're always above 25

K you should never ever get any type of

restriction any type of messages you

should be able to day trade and we'll

just go through the next process does

the restriction we talked about it

basically lets you not do any more day

trades until you deposit you get that

day trade call and

down here is the day trade restriction

effective so this is where you can

remove it so there's two ways to remove

it basically you put enough money to get

into twenty five thousand dollars or you

wait 90 days and this one says sixty

days this is basically if you didn't

trade during that day trade call if you

do you have to wait 90 days so there's

two ways you can remove it one of them

you have to have 25k over your account

level and that will be able to allow you

to day trade

unfortunately they said they were unable

to remove through restriction until

ninety days is over so they should be

able to do that and they can't this is

the big fall of Robin Hood and I know

plenty of people on Twitter have been

tweeting at me saying this has happened

to them I'm moving my money and you

should too if you are day trading on

Robin Hood if you use this platform

professionally to trade get off it now

go to thinkorswim go to fidelity go to e

trade find something that has reliable

customer service because you can't

afford to miss a day trading in this

market this is all I got market moves

signing off peace