I just UNLOCKED The Watcher in Slay The Spire so Let's Play!!

well it is up everybody flannel Fox

temps Warnock here and I'm super excited

I just unlocked the watcher so in order

to play The Watcher if you own slay the

spire on PC you have to go to steam go

to properties download the beta wipes

your progress then you have to unlock

all three characters by just playing as

the previous character a run and then

you have to beat the game as one of the

characters in standard mode got caught

up a couple times as the silent and

eventually just beat it so now we're

gonna play as The Watcher for the first

time I've never played as The Watcher

whoa really low health if you look at

the defect 75 70 and 80 on the iron clad

coming in at a low 65 health for the

watcher so I'm gonna bump up my chair a

little bit to get a little more of this

pale dude in the shot so let's see 65

health 99 gold a blind ascetic and on I

don't know if I'm saying that right who

has come to evaluate the spire master of

divine stances pure water at the start

of each combat at a miracle to your hand

what the hell does that mean let's find

out hello again I go max HP leave now

let's see which route do we want to go

typically I always go for the route with

the most elites and this seems to be our

best one we have a campfire and a lead a

chest whole slew of elites and campfires

this way so let's jump in and we don't

have that much money but which I've been


let's see let's see let's see so excited

a miracle okay so we're gonna gain one

energy so let's get used to the enter

calm upon exiting this stance gained two

energies and you block eight

hmm so these enemies have curl ups when

you hit them the first time they

automatically go into a defensive curl

exiting the stands I'm curious what

we're gonna exit the stance I wasn't

sure if it was when we played the next

card perhaps it's the next round so that

weakened us looks like I'm still in the

calm stance is there something that will

okay so all right so wrath in this

stance you deal and receive double

attack damage so let's see how the hell

we want to play this here so we have

five block just because they're both

attacking I'm just gonna go defensive

and block them

all right

so we're gonna deal six damage and enter

ray yeah wrath so now do we gain two

energy because the card that I just

played was - yes we gained two energy

cool good to know

Bob Bob all right all right felt pretty

good felt pretty good now add a new card

to the deck gain five mantra when you

have obtained ten mantra enter divinity

oh my gosh upon entering this dance gain

three energy attack steal triple damage

exit this stance at the start of your

next turn

whoa deal a damage and exit your stance

okay sash whip dla damage if the card

last played this combat was an attack

apply one week not gonna do this this

sounds very interesting I'm gonna go for

the empty fist right now see if we can

do anything see if there's a sale on any

cards or Oh welcome welcome deal twelve

damage to all enemies no scry smite into

your hands no I'm gonna lose one of my

damages let's jump i typically remove a

damage in the beginning of most runs it

tends to work out because then you just

have more of the cards that you're

playing into you're like build deal nine

damage enter wrath let's see

what do we want to do here let's block

this attack so we're not getting any

then I'm gonna do this to wrath you're a

tech steel double and you take double

damage from attacks I didn't read that

the first time or didn't sink in whoops

didn't have the sound on cuz I'm a

winner sounds on now

so we're blocking here thanks steel

double it didn't look like

deal 12 damage and we only have a bunch

of block here let's enter calm for the

next next round

then if we can exit back to wrath we'll

get to energy it's my best bet here boom

game to energy then we have Gil 12

damage deal 9 damage so we'll just get

out of there beta all right super beta

super beta scry with scry look at the ex

top blank cards of your pile you may

discard any of them okay until next turn

prevents block damage gain to block deal

three damage I don't know about that one

then A's look great let's go question


yeah let's upgrade alright on our way on

our way


hmm ela damaged by exit your stance if I

deal the damage I'm not gonna get the

benefit of these extra energy points so

it's like kind of want to save those for

when I could use them

like right now boom-boom

I mean I'm just gonna use that to use it

but we don't need to then we got three


I like the particle effects that sort of

surround the watcher they're cool now we

need to take out though deal for damage

on stance change returns from the

discard pile to your hand and only one

stance team and a change at a time

retain cards are not discarded at the

end of turn and gain their team block

deal 5 damage whenever you scry hmm

let's look good to me I'm trying to keep

my hands small even though I want to try

out this characters cards I don't want

this run to be a complete shoot in the

dark you know we're recording it to that

gain an intercom see if we can enter

Rath next turn which we can know we can

do can we take this guy out yeah draw

three cards cannot play skills has

turned No Deal twelve damage to all

enemies and your turn stop the wall

needs breathe the good scribe look at

the top present your pile you may

discard any of them I gotta try this I'm

gonna go this super safe one for right

now and do you have

I'll Smith before I oh that's good

before I rest you know cuz you mind as

well Smith and then save your rest and

if you don't make it you don't make it

that's fine you didn't waste that much

time going any further Smith and get

your hand pretty good you know alright

so let's see what we gotta do here

gained our block enter wrath gain our

point whoa what the hell cuz we're in

Wrath forgotten about that gained a

block deal our damage we have this and I

do want to do a skill now we can try

this see what happens and to wrath at

the start of your next turn we're

already there that's not going to change

much and this shows us hmm

I get your stance I don't want to do

that so we'll just card that one I think

that's how I want

now ride Gil 24 damage to all enemies

that's a good one let's see that'll kill

him 12 will take 40 down to 28 well

they'll be so close to death but not

actually in death so let's do this I

don't know what to do here I want a


alright here's what we're gonna do we're

gonna kill one of these dudes then play

that card so at least I'm only taking 18

damage which I know is a hit there but

we'll be okay

whenever you obtain a curse increase

your max HP by six cool deal 10 damage

of this kills an enemy upgrade a random

card in your deck

I like that to gain a block the next

attack you play cost zero

I like all DS and this will remove from

your C does that upgrade a random card

in your deck for the turn like for that

combat or I don't know I think we can

use swivel utilize it sure can alright

now here's the real question

can we take on this boss the only 33

health depends on the boss I don't know

what the benefit there would be because

if we go this way well we just get more

we're gonna do this we got this I was

afraid it was gonna be this boss shiver

me timbers


let's get this dude down

let's say I wonder how much because it's

only do 8 and then then I'll do 12 so I

may be better off just staying in Rath

twenty-eight damaged Jeeps

yeah nice only take four I think we'll

be able to clean this dude up in the

next round because we can come out

hopefully and just play this straight

in her peace here in calm draw three

cards otherwise intercom retain deal

twenty damage when retain lower this

card cost by one as combat oh and that's

pretty good but it starts up at four

gain six block if the last card played

and this combat was a skill draw two

cards I just I wouldn't take any of

these I like to keep a small deck over

here let's let's rest over here remove a

card from your deck lose seven gained

some gold button already cutting par

good time to gain gold

let's see relics pawn pick up choose and

add five cards to your deck start combat

with one dexterity upon pick up upgrade

to random attacks sounds good

I knew that was gonna be a combat

we are in no stance we need some blocks

need some more block and let's end the


what are we doing here

deal nine damage enter wrath and finish

a mouse

put an upgraded miracle into your hand

at the start of your next blank turns

Puran wrath ply free vulnerable to all

enemies otherwise enter wrath let's go

at that one just so we're trying some

beta cards I don't want to be so boring

on here alright back to full health

going into our first boss and to wrath

5/3 vulnerable doesn't say the next

attack you play this turn

so let's does that carry over cuz that's

pretty sweet

nice holy

twelve times six oh yeah cuz I have

wrath on oh my gosh so let's do this

exit my stance drop that down a ton what

else do we have here yeah intercom mm

we'll use that block and we'll use that

and then we're good

I don't know I don't know about this

boss we will see gain a block just

attack we play it cost zero hmm I'm a


I'd say enter wrath we could apply some


need a game block today I'm just gonna

take the hit on this one that'll be


oh man that wrath such a double-edged


kill 12 damaged exit your stance

and I only entered wrath because I knew

I had enough block to cover the double

damage which is good i'm getting a

little hang of it

danny block oop shitty

hmm already in Wrath

okay so let's do this we're gonna enter

calm and and to wrap

to get those two more points then that

was kind of dumb but I'm gonna take

advantage all the damage that I can do

let's see then

plan a little too fast and loose I got a

think one new character new character

well we got a we got a exit the stance

take time here jeepers

get out of here still a lot of damage

hombre boom

boss wine


Guil HP 3 HP blank times that's pretty

pretty good and go with that one see oh

the velvet choker is a favorite of mine

double the effectiveness of potions

whenever you exit com gain an additional

one it's pretty good or I could just

have one every time cuz I'm not playing

that many cards anyway I have any money

yeah I got a little bit of money over

here and we could go boss fire boss get

some relics let's go here they're gonna

try to take my damn money which is a

perfect time to use this and this and



see can i play all of these I do it



alright those a good first hand if you

were in Wrath apply three vulnerable if

not into Wrath know if I should because

I don't want to take any damage I'd

rather lose money than take damage here

let's bring him down I'm just not gonna

play that card taking a little damage I

need that money cuz we bout to head of

shop well we could also heal but take

care of that one take care of that one

uh and use that to try to get one more

damage boom ship it a dippity dog retain

into Wrath retain game thirteen block

you got a stay nimble

all right let's see what we can purchase

we 10th attack all debuffs an upgraded

miracle in there

hmm this one's not bad a duplicate

potion they're really good to have I

don't know how to take advantage of that

yet though so I don't think I'm gonna

get it I got to play this character a

few more times every tenth attack deals

double damage it's always good to have

I'm gonna go for that and I want to get

this triple play over here we want to

read the books of risky I can't remember

now let's go for it

stupid stupid two or more is played

twice and we took a curse

oh yeah look our max HP increased by six

so it could've been worse and we just

increased it by 10 could have been worse

once again I got a playthrough

vulnerable and let's see that for a boss


and giraffe we're gonna take advantage

that's only one right yeah then exit our

stance good first hand see if we can do

that magic again

13 13 yeah so we're gonna enter shield

damage got some block we'll have two

more energy points going into the next

one so we're how to solid six which is

our limit from the velvet choker we

could heal a bit here if we had some

blockin going on

I like that card does that exhaust

actually I think it does yeah it

exhausts awesome all the days that I

have so good we can take this bull out

Oh wrath and - calm calm and to wrath

exhausts that's cool dirty a little not

gonna take that right now jumping into a

boss battle this focus over here


let's have a whole bunch of I mean let's

do that

and we're gonna intercom that way we can

take advantage of those energy points

all right so now we have to see me use

this vulnerability on this guy I wish I

could exit my stance though with one of

these calves hmm what is the best move

because if I'd like to enter wrath here

but and this damage is gonna be frickin

brutal let's do a block I'm not gonna

play that one I'm not gonna play that

one I'm gonna play that one feel like

that was the safest oh we gotta get rid

of this little

and he's not gonna attack right now

we don't need to use that but we'll

retain it let's see damn coming in

strong with the damage first move to do

kill this guy I don't even know

if I'm gonna make that what's 18 times 3

8 times 3 is 24 times 3 that's 54 damage

are you me right now

jeepers I couldn't be right about that


54 yeah good what are we gonna take

whenever you scribe getting four block

still not that point yeah guys a car

from the discard pile nope

let's heal

taking too much damage too much damage

all right we got a block we got a block

some here


I don't want to enter wrath but I do

want to heal it's hard I don't have a

strategy yet guys girls strategy is not


can we kill one of these fools no no

stupid damn so much so much damage Oh

brutal all right what do we got here

y'all 19 damage until nineteen to all

enemies exit your stance well we're

gonna exit our stance anyway I want all

the damage I can get

then we're gonna bollocks

damn I'm playing this hand real shitty


can't beat up over here


yeah we're dead well there goes my first

run with the watcher it was not too good

but the good thing oh we didn't even

unlock anything come on that's all right

that was gonna be my good thing the good

thing is we can always play again thanks

for watching I'm the flannel fox temps

we're Nick hope you slay that

spire and subscribe if you like this

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