How to Unlock iPhone 4S ANY NETWORK (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Cricket, etc)

hey guys it's ed from Texas and I'm here

to show you the process of unlocking

your iPhone 4s smartphone so you can use

it with any carrier or country for this

demonstration I will be using my locked

AT&T iPhone 4s and unlock it so I can

use it on my t-mobile network but you

can use this video as a guide for any

carrier so first off we need to get the

unlock code to start the unlocking

process one of the best and most

trusting websites that I used to get


you know carrier is a TNT before we

continue we need the IMEI number of the

iPhone and the way you look that up on

your phone is to open up the dial pad

and enter in star pound zero six pound

now once the phone displays the IMEI



and make sure that the phone is powered

off next remove the SIM tray from the

side of your phone and insert in the SIM

card that you wish to use with the phone

I want to use the 4s with my t-mobile

network so I am putting in my t-mobile

SIM card if the SIM card is a different

sized and you have to adjust that in

order for it to fit I have left a link

in the description section to show you

how that's done so after you insert your

SIM card back into the phone go ahead

and power the phone back on

once it boots up you should receive a

sim and valid message which is

completely normal at this point you have

to connect your iPhone to your PC and

open up iTunes to complete the unlocking

process you have to login using your

Apple ID and password to continue once

you've entered in your information and

click on continue a message will appear

stating that your iPhone is now unlock

as you can see here I'm using my iPhone

4s on my t-mobile network so that's how

you unlock your iPhone 4s if this video

helps you guys out please leave a like

and if you have any questions at all you

can leave them in the comment section

down below and I will answer them as

soon as possible

this is that from Texas and I'll see you

next time