How to Unlock iPhone 4 4S with iTunes - Factory Unlock Without Jailbreak

welcome to iPhone OS unlock tutorial

showing you today how to factor unlock

any iPhone 4 iPhone 4s from any service

provider worldwide so over here I have

an iPhone 4s from a teen teen and I'm

about to show you how to factor unlock

this iPhone do so we have to go to the

dialpad of your iPhone and simply just

dial in star pound zero six pound once

you do it you'll notice here a screen

that will come up showing you a 15 digit

number this is considered to be your

IMEI number and based on this I know a

number we can request an unlock for your

iPhone so once you have the IMEI number

you have to go to the website WWF on OS

unlock calm once you reach this website

you'll notice here the headers linked on

the top and there is a link here that is

called factory unlock so I want you to

click on this link and once you click on

it you'll get to the factory unlock page

you have to scroll down which is the

model of your iPhone I have an iPhone 4s

so this is what I'm going to choose once

you get to the unlock page for that from

for us um you you're going to know the

Serie section where you can enter the

information for your iPhone so for that

number I'm going to enter that Mia

number exactly as it appeared in my

iPhone and for the network you must

select the network your iPhone is locked

in this iPhone is from 18 T so I'm going

to choose 18 T it's very important to

select the right network for your iPhone

so once you are done click unlock now

and just place the order I've already

done so and I will receive the results

in my email um usually comes in within

one to two hours after requesting

downlink and this is how it's going to

appear once the request is done it's

going to show you the I'm a member of

your iPhone and it's going to give you a

message saying that it's unlocked so

once your iPhone is unlocked and means

that it's ready to be unlocked and

activated you just have to go on launch

i-tunes and once iTunes is lunch take

the USB cable of your iPhone and just

connect it to the Titans

now items is going to do the whole job

for you and it's basically going to give

you a message saying that

it's a lot so it's going to communicate

with Apple right now and it's going to

unlock it so let's wait for the message

here we go congratulations your iPhone

has been unlocked this is what we're

looking for this means that your iPhone

has been unlocked and now it can be used

with any GSM SIM card so this is it

thank you for watching and if you have

any questions feel free to ask I have a

good thing