Steering Wheel & Ignition Key Won't Turn On Car - Easy Fix!

hi everybody Paul here every year people

get into their cars to fight for the

first time that their steering wheel or

ignition key won't turn so let me show

you how to easily fix this which doesn't

require any tools when the keys out of

the ignition if you turn the steering

wheel far enough to the right or left

the steering wheel will lock let me


I'll turn it to the right okay it just

locked the reason car manufacturers do

this is so car thieves won't be able to

get very far with the car if they're

able to hotwire or get it started

without the key once the steering wheel

is locked you'll be able to put the key

into the ignition but as you can see you

will not be able to turn the key to

start the car so if you ever go to start

your car and you cannot turn the key

here's how to fix it grab the steering

wheel with both hands and try to turn it

to the right and left be aware that it's

going to be a lot harder to turn so

don't be afraid to turn it hard because

you're not going to break anything also

be aware that it's only going to turn a

little one way and then stop so as you

can see in this case I'm only able to

turn it a little to the right so that

means I'll have to turn it to the right

when I get ready to unlock it likewise

if it only turned to the left then I

would have to turn it to the left when I

get ready to unlock it the way to fix

this is with the key in the ignition

turn the steering wheel to the right

with one hand until it stops and hold it

now you'll be able to turn the ignition

key with the other hand which will also

unlock the steering wheel it's that easy

I hope you found this helpful and if you

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god bless you have a great day bye for