How To Unlock EE 4G LTE Osprey mini 3 MiFi Alcatel EE40VB wifi mobile Hotspot router Unlock Done

today we're unlocking this device it's

al kettle basically but model number is

e e-40 VB and then left to AE 8 GB 3 so

we will unlock this one first of all you

don't need to connect any internet with

your computer

we got code because we already order

from somewhere so we got code for this

one how to put code in this dongle is

like put any non-working SIM card like

if it's on e e then put another network

in there so I got 3 disempowered and


so it's there now I think I don't have

charging dongle so connect with this


he will show fear

char's inside and turn it on



so my photoplay I don't need to okay so

first of all you have to connect this

dongle with your PC it doesn't show any

network they might connect it but we

will show you this is dongle

it's my Wi-Fi 6f 50346

connected the best thing is like

password is captain like all devices

data password so they put very easy

password and


connected but still there's a question

mark there because it's not connected

like Internet is not connected because

it's showing red light here it's me it's

it doesn't have any internet in there

okay so what you have to write down on

Google normally if you like open

anything it will say there is no

internet okay decided countries

okay so just write on 1.68 remaining

attempts times 10 okay he says times 10

and now what we have to do is we will

pull put code in there which is we got

in the system ten digit code in there

the best okay

and so it says you wanna save it I don't

need to save it and sweating for

undocking and after a few seconds he

will show you our 3G network so it's

showing here signals but still it's on


so I believe it's unlock now yeah

Internet is there so it's unlocked

that's it very simple connected to 3G

thank you very much