HOW TO UNLOCK A VODAFONE MIFI M028T , To Unlock Vodafone M028T Shanghai Boost ...

yes guys today I will show you how you

can unlock and MiFi forge a module

number M 0.8 T so that choice these are

my thighs Shanghai boost he been

technology as the name so this my thighs

come also I will show you the food to

Tory how you can and life I and have

full access to use any Amy now these are

the drivers that you need extract that

Easter day 64-bit

he stole update okay okay

close that you extract the LT in my file

open those are the drivers so this is

how you gonna install using the manager

click on device manager then here you

connect your Wi-Fi to PC just wait for a

few seconds or so as you can see these

have been it needs drivers so we gonna

install the drivers like so click on

'add legas Adrienne next click install

and next next half disk browse and

select two drivers he select the folder

where you have extracted your drive as

the LTE you played that then mr. Lake

for Windows XP or Windows 7 so I select

Windows 7

ok then that those those are the driver

that I need as you can see that the

exactly driver what we need for all my

fine next next install as you can see

it's installing now when it's done we'll

go to the next step of flushing the my

file so gonna wait for it to finish as

you can see the drivers of been

installed click on finish yeah

so we just now we'll go to step I will

admit there's tips for I mean the

software's that step 1 step 2 step 3 so

we're gonna start by extracting step 1

so we'll extract that then you open open

that again yeah I just double-click that

yeah as it's open you go on browse


so browse then you select the software

which you need to flush that one this

one is gonna erase your my file so as

you can see you take this - then you go

not shown erase or flash click that the

knee you go on touch when you click that

the next step is to connect your Wi-Fi

without a battery inside connect the USB

to the Wi-Fi unto the computer like so

as you can see it's installing drivers

now it has been detected don't worry

about that symbol showing on screen it's

the same of downloading so now here it

will stop field lowering after

installing drivers just wait for it to

install so the flash has started that

one when it's exactly at a hundred you

have to disconnect to my file

don't read it us like that disconnect

when you disconnect that's all you need

you close that so we have complete step

one we go to step two extract as well do

the same procedure open step two you are

doing the step two now so open we double

click that like we did before we go on

browse again and we select this software

tick those boxes again go on option

again select IRA's all-flash we do the

same procedure click on start then

reconnect the my file again without a

battery so you are reconnect and it does

that flushing as you can see now on this

flash just leave it to flash up - it

tells you that it's done don't interrupt

this flash wait it until it's finished

flashing remember the first step

interrupted but this one don't interrupt


as you can see it's done click OK we

close now we go to our last step the

step 3 now this is flushing the my file

it's our final stage we open double

click that

then you go on browse again same

procedure open select add up in then as

you can see all everything is take just

go there erase this time we removed that

tick yes then again click on stacked

when you click on start you have to

reconnect them my fight to the computer

again without a battery again this time


leave it to complete the flash up to

100% don't interrupt the flash be

patient until it's done like so then you

click on ok then close the MiFi has been


now stamp resetting a man Vodafone SIM

card of putting an empty end SIM card

and now insert the battery inside then

switch on the my file as you can see

that said welcome connected to your PC

or mobile phone if you want so as you

can see mine is connecting

it has connected successively as you can

see but on screen is showing that but

that's not problem so I'm gonna show you

how to go about we open Firefox will

pull then and thus will go to the

address bar where we will import the IP

address 192 168 the one the one that is

the IP address axis on my file

you press Enter it's loading as you can

see wait for it just a little bit as you

can see smart bro

we have successively logged in into our

my file the password is the same SMUD

brought in small lake house the password

also is smart

ro in small letters as well take note

the password the user names might run

the password is macro that's it just

click sign in

you're logged in click on quick set up

yeah if you can see we are logged in

click next here this is the point where

we can change our settings to whatever

we need like for G only or 4G or 3G so

I'll choose 4 and 3G prefer Li then you

can do whatever settings but for now

just in data click next here since the

where we can change the SSID name so

I'll just will put my name Milan

then if you want the password they are

down you can input weird same if you

want you can look it visible or

invisible then there you can put the

password this one yeah you can input

whatever password so just leave one two

up to eight eight then we type your

password then you click Next then I can

see it's done finish the mouth I will

disconnect from your PC because we have

chained the password and a username as

you can see this one has disconnected

and the new user name is Milan 2019 so

we connect this one as you can see we

input the password one up to eight okay

as you can see it's connecting now so we

click finish it's connected as you can

see click on finish

yeah these are final our final part as

you can see now we have to input a

password which is 1 up to 6 as you can

pn pin required so click on acquired

then they took get you to an internet

page where it can be asked of the end

password just input your code one two

three four five six one two six then

that's all you'll just click and look so

I'll show you on the my file

what you'd be showing so like that on my

Phi has been successively unlocked

that's the whole process so we'll check

on my thigh as you can see st. th net in

but we have already entered so very soon

it'll be searching for the network and

it will show empty and aware both the

SIM card for empty and that for


to unlock the my fight please guys like

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tricks happy 20