Unlocking Vodafone M028T Complete Guide 100% working


what's up YouTube family is this guy

still from Jamie entertainments with an

updated video tutorial on how you can

unlock an MMO 20 HT my file why I've

decided to make this updated video

tutorial is that a lot of people have

been experiencing trouble follow in my

previous video because I have no my fire

to taste the makeup on

yes but today I have a my fight with me

that is locked - for the form a three

elephants in Qaeda so you just go to our

web browser just to see whether the my

fight is really locked or what so here

take a number

login as admin


so keep

and he PNP required listen to me that

you might fight this might fly that I

have right now is truly loved and when

this mind fires an arrow to be Zambia

and 123 OCD plus software Bayesian they

had a vision l or to be 1/12 hold so

very good at the link to this violence

in the description below so here's how

to extract them and the password been in

oh gee

both hands versus Eric


okay now as you can see I clearly saw

this knowledge okay so since malware's

has dealt with all the models that were

extracted together with these balls I'm

going to go ahead and turn it over just

for now yeah

open the folder extract it for

in extra pwt of PTP drivers and install


in - a 64-bit architecture so I'm going

to use to a 64-bit version of a purpose

after installing your very wise



unplug you my fight in remove the

battery remove the body province and

open the flush one for the


open is the hwt young

and stop you down under click this icon

over here to open the unlocking file

make sure everything is tickets right

here in the click on options make sure

the ways all flash is dipped ok then

click the green bar over there hey

having my file using USB code without

the button in it make sure you follow

those procedures when it reaches three

percent unplug your my file I have soap

and clothes to use is the be downloaded

and open flash to plug in my face again

this time around allow the downloading

process to reach actually hundred to

same so this is exactly what ever are

almost everyone that followed my face

tutorial while experiencing this error

right here so if we experience this

error right here go back to the first

step which


the flash one folder this time around do

connect you my file with the battery in

it so I'm in set it back the battery

click the green balls USB code this time

are not around allow it to reach about 5

percent 5 then unplug it close remove

the battery then reset the battery go

straight to flash 2

do the same my splash one remember we

have the battery in my file

right now so USB cord on allow it to

reach 100% it takes a little bit of time

so I'm going to fast for our forward

this video okay so we are done the

flashing is time the second flash is


close your SP down SW downloader open

your flash 3 so unplug the my file we

will have the battery being set it back

again open your flash drive folder do

the same and step 1 and step 2 you're

gonna make sure everything is ticked the

weight of flash click green bulb and

populous be called again


so I'll fast forward the video once more

because this takes about 10 to 15

minutes okay so the fake flash is an

adverb okay then close is the new

downloader right now I can safely say

that the my file is successfully

unlocked so we just unplug the USB code

remove the battery and insert a SIM card

that is not the word upon simple any

other SIM card other than the border

function then you turn on your Wi-Fi

I'm just waiting for you to vote

so yeah my file successfully booty open

you use bi own Braille browser in reload

the nine file


on the micro screen it's displaying pH

net cream so meaning we still have one

more step until all my face successfully

unlocked so here now you can see the

wave appearance has changed drastically

this means that all my fun is now run on

a custom-built

firmware which is from the ICD I'll

check the info so this time around

you log in as smart board so smart robot

I use a new smart door password and

click Sign In skip and as you can see

this means this method is very safe in

the gathering point right I am i but

there is another method that she's very

voice yo I am i meaning you'll be using

a ghost I mine after unlocking using the

method I'm talking about right now so

usually when you try to click the

required button your own some web

browsers it doesn't allow you so when

that happens to you you need to use

internet explorer instead of the any of

those other browsers so once you go to

more settings

you enter one two three four five six

as UPN passes then click unlock pin you

my waifu normal successfully unload

individually start searching for the so

you go back to your dashboard right here

in as you can see it's not this big

example OG and as you can see they

ionize do the same the software agenda

has changed and even including the

handle operation but this is very

beautiful end all my five has success

will be unlocked and is ready to use any

network other than horrible this has

been the i say from GM entertainments

hope you liked the video peace