How To Unlock Vodafone Mifi M028T #UPDATED 100%WORKING

hello and welcome to Jamie determines

this is guy state with an updated video

tutorial on how to unlock the Vodafone

MiFi and 120 80 module let's get down

into it so first things first you have

to download the required files I have

left the link it down below the

description below

make sure you check it out so as you can

see I've already downloaded the files on

my desktop right now as we're so let me

just create the folder well extract

you can omit anything it's your fault

okay yeah extracted as you can see it's

asking for a password

I'm shaking see the prospect bottom left

of the video

extracted extracted updates damn

extracting open the folder to find for

subfolders where you find the drivers

they stick at first to second step and

the third step apparatus to driver the

necessary drivers and my PC so by

installation go straight into f1

you have to load SW downloader put exit

after it hit this icon which says open

an existing document when you click the

icon these three sub folder will appear

choose the WD folder and choose your

family make sure all the checkboxes

takes ticked and here on options and


the rays of flash State

make sure it's ticked before you start

there and lock in verses after you've

done all that then you click this green

icon which stays down at the first term

so after clicking the green icon you see

this message in your pairing complete

images operation or download

successfully after this message appears

just connect a USB cord to the model or

my part in the unlocking process or

speaking unfortunately for this video


I don't have a lab rat at the moment I

















and apparently next to the same so fun

settings just go on security and go on

team management if you don't see these

options on an mo 2018 please make sure

to just follow the region mu is that our

display in my next video tutorial please

make sure off or that make sure to check

it out ways that often who is that

option unfortunately they are not the

same but only you know after you skip it

after you skip the quick setup option it

will bring it your default dashboard all

you need to click is on PN required it's

clear we'll return PN required after

clicking there you choose the map

setting the map option then you enter

your pH no net pin has one two three

four five six one two three four five

six in your mind Phi will be

successfully unlocked and ready for use

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