Verizon 4g LTE omv7a Tablet Hard Reset


Zubrin welcome to the blog

clips so for today guys all I do is to

show you how to reset this 4G LTE

Verizon branded tablet alright as you

can see here is the virus and branding

and of course the model number is the OM

v7a alright I'll put that on screen just

in case I butchered the name alright so

first I'm going to do guys is if your

tablet is on it's just a boy done put

don't I pour it off as you are able to

do right here alright so go ahead and

the power off button as you can see in

this confirm to shut down the toilet

Chrissy says shutting down there of

course it's just own alright guys so the

key while the tablet is fought off in

order to boot into recovery mode is

actually hold on

tall and volume down on this particular

brand of device so that's probable and

volume don't you want to all and firmly

example to show you guys so they both

and of course the phone is going to boot

up of course you'll see a new menu so so

now hold it for a while and of course

I'm just going to let go

keep holding volume down there you go

we're now into our in recovery mode as

you can see our guys now as you can see

this is different from the typical

recovery mode now while you're in here

the controls will be you'll use volume

down to actually navigate and do not hit

volume up unless you want to actually

select something so it's going to keep

it in don't so you can see your cycle

through if you want to get back to the

top of the menu keep it in down and of

course the menu will start back over you

see here you have several options if you

want to get out of this mode simply

select reboot which is the top one there

I need to follow up if you want to run a

test on each other to make sure it's

running correctly you can actually use

auto test in the manual test item this

test supports both tests of course

there's safe mode in case or

troubleshoot your tablet if you want to

find out version information you can

actually go into version here until give

you details on the tablet in case you

want to reset that

to clear emmc of course I don't want to

do this right now but of course you want

to select clearly emmc which is the

option to wipe your data you're actually

volume up here of course to clear art so

that's quite simple soul is going to go

down again and of course if you want to

reboot after it's cleared

you'd go to reboot and eat power so

that's a simple to swirl showing also

actually get into the factory mode to do

a hard reset are this men is a little

bit different but of course once you

know we are 100 systems you should be

right at home so clearly MNC this option

your option you want to go with in case

you want to do our total reset of your

device in case you have initials or

experience a virus or of course if there

are a common issues such as you forgot

your password and so on that should

clear your device are those apart from

blocked actives and a cool tech tip same

way until next time one