How To Use Any SIM Card On Airtel & Idea Hotspot (Unlocking) For Free 2018 New Method

hey guys today I'm gonna show you how to

unlock Wow way for us what for free the

model that we are going to unlock is a 5

5 7 3 CS 6:09 from air tail and idea for

this tutorial you will need to download

the tools for unlocking I'll put a

download link in the description below

first of all take out the six screws

using screwdriver from the hotspot after

downloading the file which is a zip file

extract it you will need an extracting

software like one rare or other software

in Windows 7

if you're using Windows 10 then that's

not a problem after extracting open the

folder these are the folders open step

one which is installing drivers start

from the first double-click error code

10 click on yes yes again click OK go

back open the install crew folder

double-click MMB service setup click yes

when a few moments and that's it

go back again open install tree folder

click on setup click on yes click OK

click Next agree next and click on

install it will take some time for this

I'll fast forward


click finish now restart your computer

wait for your computer to boot up now go

to the main folder again and go to the

step-through folder which is using the

Balam tool now right-click on Vallon and

choose run as administrator click on yes

not the Balon window appear before

proceeding to the next step

insert your battery without a SIM card

and after taking out the cover you will

see a motherboard like this now we have

to push shorter board which is just

contacting two metal points together you

can use a divider or a wire or any other

conducting materials to do this I'll use

a divider now if you look carefully

there are a lot of round dots in the

board the one we are looking for is this

point and you have to make a contact

between these and this big metal plate

now connect the smaller side of the

cable to your hotspot but don't plug in

the other side yet also use good quality

cables now I'm making the contact

between these two points insert the

other end of the USB to your computer

after that you will hear device in good

sound now click on the detect button and

belong will automatically recognize your

device if it's not there then you can

choose it from the drop down and if you

didn't see it here then there's

something wrong with your boots or

process it's likely that you didn't

connect the two points together if you

didn't find it you have to do it from

the beginning now click on this three

dots button a window will appear and

open the bin file and click on the lock

button it will take some time for this

if the belong to will stop responding is

fine just wait it now after some time if

you see your hotspot the light will come

up and the light will start blinking


after the lights start linking close the

belong tool and go back to the previous

folder open step chip folder double

click on downgrade daikon yes this

window will appear click on start wait

till it finish the installation process

I'm going to fast forward it to save



click finish' go back open step or

folder double click on upgrade


quicken yes

click start I'm going to fast forward it

to save time


after installing this wait for some time

your husband will try to open the web UI

to your browser but you will get this

kind of error because we didn't install

any web UI yet so there is a normal

thing so close it asks for now an open

step 5 folder

the final part these are the web UI the

web UI is a user interface of the

hotspot they are cheaper device far way

air tail and idea Airtel an idea have

advantages as they support USSD foreseen

and manual network mode which is very

useful I'll show you the chip every wise

quickly you can install any of the web



in this tutorial I'm going to use Airtel

web UI click on the setup click on yes

we can start I'm going to fast forward

it to save time click finish now after

installing the webview I wait a few

minutes as your husband will try to open

the web UI again


now the web UI has appeared if your hot

spot didn't open the web UI

automatically then you have to type it

manually in your browser type 192.168.1

in your address bar and hit enter now at

this point your access point your hot

spot password is unknown so you cannot

connect the device wirelessly so you

have to change it and I get this

notification because I didn't start a

SIM card click go to home to go to the

hotspot home page now click on the

Settings tab that you locks your

username and password so the username is

admin and your password is also admin

click on login

so this is your admin password

notification let's leave that for now

now on the settings menu go to WLAN and

choose WLAN basic settings

now the SSID is your hotspot name so

this is your current hotspot name you

can change it if you want now the

security mode is the security of your

hotspot if you don't want a password

that's just none if you want to set a

password to WPA or slash wpa2 PSK as it

is the strongest security and WPA pre

shared key will be the password of your

hotspot so this is the password that you

will enter while connecting on a mobile

device if you want to see your enter

password click on so password and click

on apply if you search your Wi-Fi you

will get it if you want you can connect

it and you can connect with your new

name or your new password also the reset

button on your hotspot will no longer

work after completing all these process

that's it you have successfully unlocked

your device but this process is not

fully completed as your IMEI and serial

number are erased you have to restore

your IMEI and serial number otherwise

your SIM card will not work or you will

be blocked by your telecom operator to

restore your IMEI and serial number

check out my video on how to restore

IMEI and serial number on Huawei hotspot

device I'll put the video in the

description below I'll also put the

product link below if you want to buy it

so that's it thank you for watching and

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