@DestinyTheGame How To Unlock Third Subclass in Destiny

what's going on you to 0.3 mg so I'm

going to show you real quick how to get

you know the third self class for your

hunter Titan and warlock I'm actually

currently using the term the Titan right

now first off you need to make sure that

you are actually at above or at least 25

they give you this little thing that you

can actually activate when you start the

new taken King DLC which allows you to

boost one of your dumb factions to 25

now here is how to do it you're after

your level 25 and upon doing some of the

mission that you are required to do

you're going to have to go meet with a

Titan Vanguard or your hunter Vanguard

or your warlock vanguard depending on

which faction you belong to you're going

to take on a quest like for example my

quest was a March fire which is for the

Titans you're going to go ahead go to

moon or whether the planet you have to

go to complete that now it's not really

a mission in that [ __ ] motorcycle

outsides annoying but it's not really a

mission that it's going to be as

difficult for me it felt more like a

tutorial you completed this easy as

quest which is like two missions and

really it was more like for you to test

out now you don't just only get the

subclass but it also adds like thing

abilities like smoke grenades or like

grenades a fire like I'm a read off a

little bit of what you also get with it

well for one with the tiny and you get

the super hammer or soul which will

you'll be able to summon like a flaming

hammer which is [ __ ] don't be [ __ ]

because you can slam that [ __ ] throw it

at multiple enemies at the same time

what is around you is getting buff then

you got the thermite grenade which is a

grenade explosion it sends a line of

fire directly towards the enemy target

you guys so strike which allows the

Titans to ignite their enemies using a

heavy solar strike and you got fire

keeper which allows the hammer or soul

to last longer and get a benefit of over

any shield you're standing close to yo

it [ __ ] is [ __ ] dope so that's for

the the Titan which I'm using you also

got the hunter Night Stalker which I

know that mission is actually cool

Rangers loss because my boy got I

actually forgot the name of the Warlock

mission but like I said if you're above

25 you go meet with your Vanguard

but for Night Stalker you actually got

super shadow shot that went when a

hunter is using super shadow shot it

tether foes to avoid anchor restricting

their movement and giving the rest of

your fireteam a chance to attack which

is [ __ ] beast mode you got void wall

grenade which is created a horizontal

wall of

avoid light well it actually destroys

whatever is on that section of the wall

or whatever it hits off from it is

[ __ ] ridiculous you have smoke which

is what you are now allowed to use as a

hunter using this class disorients any

enemies that are unlucky enough to find

themselves within this cloud then you

got shade step which hunters are able to

gain and evade allows them to avoid

damage perfect for guardians that like

out like you know like most people that

use bite off more than they can chew

zapper so to say which is what I'm

reading now for warlock you have

stormcaller which you know you are

summoning the super storm trance this

super will allow warlocks to chain arc

lightning from their hands which I saw

the video they're basically gliding and

they're just [ __ ] chi beaming the

[ __ ] out of enemies that should look

[ __ ] say that should look sick it

look like [ __ ] crazy weather

then they got thunder strike which is

not to be confused as thunder strike

with a by ac/dc but demonstrate that

would deliver Elektra electrocuting

melees strikes from extended range that

is super Opie and beast at the same time

then you got perpetual perpetual charge

this my it says here this might be one

of the most useful options in the three

subclasses as getting a melee kill will

recharge your grenade and getting

grenade kills we recharge your melee the

possibilities of destruction are nearly

endless now as you guys seen here I'm

doing a small tutorial it's basically a

tutorial defeating enemies I'm showing

you blah blah blah upon completing the

quest that you're supposed to you just

simply go back you know you're gonna

have to do two but you simply go back

and you go speak to your Vanguard and

you will be given this subclass I

haven't really seen any videos on it but

it's as simple as that hope you guys

enjoyed I hope it helped you guys you

guys have any more questions let me know

in the comment section below as you want

a nap

enjoy the DLC peace ah oh my god oh my


ha ha oh my god ha ha