Destiny 2: How to Unlock Your 2nd & 3rd Subclass

Destinee - is finally live and out in

the wild and I truly hope you guardians

are enjoying the experience this guide

is going to explain how to unlock the

additional second and third subclass

options in destiny - these subclasses of

course will include the void Walker and

storm color for warlocks the striker and

Sun breaker class for Titans and of

course the returning gunslinger and

shadow stalker for you hunters that's

right the Night Stalker class has been

renamed and you've gotten a bunch of

brand new toys to play with now of

course everyone knows by now that you

lose your powers at the start of destiny

- and one of the mini quests you'll be

going on towards the start of destiny -

will have you re unlocking and retaining

some of those lost abilities now before

you can go jumping into your new

subclass there is a prerequisite level

requirement it looks like you'll need to

be at least level 7 to unlock the second

subclass and at least level 15 to unlock

the third so once you've hit at least

level 7 you'll be ready to unlock your

second subclass so let's move on to step

1 now this is actually something we've

covered in previous videos but unlocking

subclasses in destiny to you is going to

be tied to relics that you'll find while

out patrolling the world's destiny -

will have collectible relics that only

spawn in treasure chests and these

relics will start the process of

unlocking your second or third subclass

depending on the relic that you find now

you can get these treasure chests to

drop in a number of ways there are of

course public events law sectors which

are kind of like mini dungeons and of

course the returning planetary golden

chess any of those options will have the

potential to drop you the relic that you

need now these relics seem to drop with

a pretty high frequency one to the

correct level so it shouldn't be too

long before you get your first one once

you've opened the chest and gotten one

of these relics you'll immediately get a

screen prompt that will confirm that you

found an artifact that's filled with

lost power and if you head into your

character screen you'll notice that that

relic is now showing up next to your

subclasses and inspecting it will tasks

you with killing enemies alongside

fellow Guardians in public events now

there's a little bit of a misnomer there

the artifact itself states that you need

to participate in public events and you

can certainly do that but we found that

just killing enemies anywhere out in the


will actually count towards this and so

that's really all you need to do this is

the fun part just head out into patrols

and start taking down enemies you'll

notice that with each enemy you kill

you'll notice that you'll get a very

slight amount of percentage towards the

completion of this quest but really

that's all there is to this step just

head out into Patrol complete some

missions maybe do a couple of adventures

a loss sector whatever just take out

enemies until you've completed this bar

and gotten it to 100% and once you've

gotten the progress bar to 100 a new

quest will appear in your mission page

and if you set that mission up for

tracking it'll lead you towards a shard

of the traveler in the northern half of

the European dead zone and once you get

there you'll need to clear out wave

after wave of enemies and interact with

these bright spots of light which will

do something really cool when you get

into them they'll actually read out lore

and backstory for the subclass that

you're unlocking which is in my opinion

a really nice touch that's kind of like

the missions we went on in the taken

King to unlock those initial subclasses

anyways continue clearing those waves of

enemies while utilizing those light

poles to endlessly recharge your super

and once you finish the final wave of

enemies congratulations the subclass

will be fully unlocked and yours to keep

and there you go Guardians that is how

you'll be re unlocking those extra

subclass options in destiny 2 again a

quick recap you'll need to be at least

level 7 from what we've seen in order to

start this off just head off into Patrol

complete public events or lost sectors

or anything like that that drops a

treasure chest at the end and that'll

get you a chance at getting this

artifact when you get your classes

artifact it'll immediately start the

quest line for you head back out into

Patrol completing missions or whatever

just killing enemies along the way until

you get to 100% and once you're there

it'll take you to the shot of the

traveler where you can take out waves of

enemies while endlessly giving you super

and listening to lore about your

subclass after that the subclass is

going to be yours but that's it for this

quick guide Guardians hurry up and get

back out there into the world of destiny

too there's a ton of stuff to find in a

ton of fun to be add and of course be

sure to let us know how you guardians

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but all right I'm out for now thanks so

much for watching as always I'm the

black link you Guardians stay frosty