Destiny 2 Forsaken - How To Get To The Queen's Court & Obtain The 3rd Subclass (No Raid)!

what is going on guys quality XA here

today and today I'm bringing as a brand

new video on destiny too so today we're

actually Gadsby showing you guys how you

can obtain your 3rd subclass as well as

that we're also glad to be showing you

guys on how you can actually go to the

Queen's court and visit Marisol so if

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me on Twitter but getting into this

video so first off you'll actually want

to complete the bounty that petra venj

actually has for you known as the

gateway between worlds for completing

this you will actually have to jump into

the blind whale and participate and

complete some of the blind whale tears

I'd highly recommend doing tier 2 a few

times it does take five times I do

believe but M yeah you actually need to

complete that weekly bounty to obtain

the offer cup offering to the Oracle so

once you guys have actually completed

that bounty you're actually going to

want to go to the Oracle which is

located in the location which I've shown

you so M yeah pon actually handing it in

this time instead of getting the chest

you'll actually have this portal to jump

through as you guys can see we have got

the Queen's core now upon actually

talking to her you do get some

information about the curse being broken

and she actually awards you with a chest

now I actually got the seed of light I

do believe this is a 100% drop rate if

you actually go and do this weekly

bounty I'm not too sure if you have to

complete the weekly bounty all three

times before you get this one but I do

believe if you do it this week it will

take you to the Queen's core so pretty

awesome indeed I also did get some

gloves as well but yes guys that is

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