Destiny 2: Forsaken - How to Unlock the 3rd Seed of Light!?






our fellow Guardians going on w drums

here so my clan and I we just completed

the gateway between worlds bounty where

we did the blind wells and got our

completions done with now I am at the

Oracle offering right here where you get

that crystal once you complete the

bounty I highly recommend you do it

right next to the Oracle just to be safe

as you'll see here boom got it so when

we do that we presented and we're going

to see something pretty amazing this

time around folks check this out

come closer light-bearer holy [ __ ] the

Queen the curse is broken

it thinks itself so wise we all played

right into her hands beginning with my

moral life there are those who are more

dangerous deadly than alive and there

are those who when we believe they've

lost you enter the infinite light bear

this will all happen again and again and

again you bear witness to the fate of my

people then fight with us oh but I do

petra venj is my wrath in commemoration

seat of light no way


so there you have it folks really quick

video on how to get your third seat of

light I was freaking out when I found

this out I mean talk about sputter and a

half the queen is alive and well

amazing as always and we've got our

third seal light man if you can do this

for every character do it because it's

another method to get your third seat

alight as opposed to doing the first

part of the raid which my clan also did

and I got my third seed for my warlock

so thanks so much for watching to do it

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you're curious about what's going on

with the channel in the future so thanks

so much for watching more destiny - per

se caen content coming out soon god

bless Guardians and ourselves a

wonderful and safe day push