Bajheera - Legion Warrior Class Campaign Finale! - How to Unlock 3rd Relic Slot :)

all right we talked to Odin I'm meeting

my peeps we got to lay down the lumber

on these fools nice Gaara oh snap this

is like an especially spooky land right

here oh my goodness

this reminds me of like a diablo 2 i'm

immediately in combat ascend to the

gates of this car i'm after we have to

fight our way through then i'm just

gonna let us in here

that's okay we can we can play some

lumber on these schools do I get any

cool guy buffs from my teammates I don't

think so

lion combat instantly am I allowed to

eat right now I'm gonna let my troops

take a little bit of the flock I'm gonna

get myself all juiced up with some BB q

ribs feel some extra fire damage there

we go

I don't think I need to kill all that

right now we got to keep going this way

we got to go kill someone

eret are warlocks

what is this

oh snap it's not invalid target I got a

jump on the thingy hold on a second let

me dispatch with these little rascals

first then I'm going to jump on that bat

and go beat up that warlock sounds like

fun to me


there we go okay where is this school

you got targeted sky terror sup oh my

gosh she's just gonna carry me around

what happens when I kill him oh I go

from bad to bat oh my god that's cool

I'm gonna go to the horses where's that

bad get too far away get up

that is so cool oh my gosh

that is epic okay let me jump to this

guy now a little too far away I'm

chasing them down chasing him down you

can buy t-shirts wherever you live if

you want to they're only on sale for a

little while longer though meat on that

bad that's too far oh not too far away

at all Oh light them up baby light them

up yep it's all things for the 500 fits

me that's your first ever ascension by

the way what a beast thank you very much

- I really appreciate it I know I'm

sorry that switch isn't working for some

of you guys this quest is dank though

Oh like I got ripped

I've been waiting for this man I been

waiting a long time to be able to do the

next chain the next phase of my warrior

quest and judging by the rewards I think

that I do get my third artifact slot

when I complete this so that'll boost

mine a little a lot then we can do some

world quest and then you get back to

level in my Alliance warrior

yeahit's which is definitely struggling

today hope there is OOP that's okay


we'll still be able to share this

fishing with you guys don't worry this

is this is a pretty sweet mission Wow

there we go

now I force the bats crash land near

forum okay sorry fell bad I'm sure you

didn't get me nothin by it

yeah shout out to those of us who've

made it through this or to the stream

yeah thanks Ginza Lee

I'm sure switch will fix whatever it's

got going on here pretty soon just hang

in there hang in there I'll assist you


watch your back buddy let's go buddy

damn right you are damn right you are

let's go handle some business this map

isn't that big in terms of like going we

don't have that much farther to go I

don't think we'll see what kind of kind

of enemies we face on the way this is

badass man I I love missions like this

where you actually get to go what hold

ears being all corrupted and stuff oh no

I love missions like this I am assuming

why yes I am as a matter of fact this

this makes me so sad

violations like this where you guys

think to go like into a battle zone be

part of a big battle like this I love it

it's really cool giladhiz let's go team


juice up some folks rage here Oh No

I don't think I don't want to be rooted

well so matters stand here pretty much

can't pull Medaille even though I tried

twice I really do think the whole year

has been even performed oh no that's

really not looking so good for us

this is this is this RFP hodr final

stage defeat oh dear no oh no oh dear

not like this buddy

first first is here endow ho dear to

well first of Aryan oh my god our hero

our heroes fall before us man

this is brutes mechanic here that this

is brutes McGee dude this is brutes

McGee pop this right quick like a bit

crit run away from this was for fun I'm

sad Yup'ik solace hit me with the 500

bits and the sub mom man bit of the flex

I was I'm pretty sure you dude dude my

fragile warrior heart can't take this


cannot serve a no Legion you kidding me


what's she doing here dad here

I doesn't kill and oh dear

I'm gonna put you down ho dear it's for

your own good buddy let's see how much

this Feltham is for not

put you down ho dear it's for your own


I can't kill it hold on oh she's the one

who took him into the little Phil portal

in the first place right

Oh deer is pretty much dead call into

each and oh jeez oh jeez let's just

blazing this little fellas I think these

are actually just to give you Victor

rush that's all point of it I'll take it

I kind of wish I would have spread those

little imps out by now

big old prince key there we go

big crits keys feel like my rotation is

not ideal right now

it's definitely not

all tilted from a boy here we go neither

it's been a victory right here

a little guys them juicy McGee Russia's

one at a time this time here we go

there's one

a what

I have nothing died would know maybe

Thoren killed it

here we go oh that makes I get those

slams in during my battle cry action and

the big one bang oh dear

can you please snap out of it buddy it's

gone yeah out of there

can he be transformed

do I have to go they said you can only

maintain it for so long I mean it

doesn't look like as messed up

I come to maintain it for so long I mean

what if I want to go explore though I

mean can I go explore not live trager's

probably not if I shouldn't go explore

I'll come back I'll come back all right

all right well going back we'll go back

look over Trinity this place some people

Simone says hope your because going well

dude so far so good man so far so good

alright we completed that we got to go

break the news to Odin though about ho

dear poor guy dude

well he hold the portal is that I wonder

if that's a Mona that was part of the

thing cuz he could only hold the portal

for so long you know like Hodor Hodor

I wonder I would I really wouldn't put

it past them if that was kind of part of

the idea alright let me see

Odin I got bad news dude well he made

him back

what if hodr actually what a fellow deer

can actually be like my buddy now so

we're gonna get this we're gonna get the

chest piece which isn't too shabby I

mean it's not better than I was yeah

yeah did it




whoa whoa whoa what's this Wow okay

Oh noise hey ho dears here oh dear this

guy's spit on me that's a on some

point how is it he's already good let me

hit him with him with him with a quick

swift bagans

there we go some Swift Baggins here you

go buddy enjoy that

so Mike crazy King touring Kingdom Bjorn

and HOV connect to each other or watch

her do this I don't know maybe they

might be Torbjorn probably Oh

Odin dude my man he's back he's less

he's not he's not really fella fight


good I'm gonna have to probably drop one

of my followers let me go see what this

weapon upgrades to that's cool is this

thing already unlocked her nope not yet

we have parents probably do this little

quest to go and lock it I still didn't I

still haven't gotten my fraud or Europe

and us cuz I only wanted to play arms so

I've just only been playing arms oh hey

a little forms here


yeah you're right dude yeah you're right

my pizzas just raised yeah for your now

definitely not references definitely not


over man huh

oh maybe I don't know I'm listening to

Odin alright now I have not heard that


that's awesome let me step on this thing

right here commander's valour oh I hit

with the Flex right there that was cool

oh snap it's got like a little beating

fell heart in there that's spooky I like

it though

yeah we own


lately put my my dank they gave me a

little shadow relic but I got this one

look at this now that's the one I want

this the one I want plus semester eases

range costs of mortal strike that's the

one I want right here

oh yes that 8:44 item hold on ow okay

that's not too shabby

hope it's 868 uh now we started to get a

better one than that that's good 844 not

too shabby I like it I like it a lot

anything else I can do appearances wise

note we got it we got to unlock all the

traits or do everything in the whole

universe or do everything in the whole

universe extended but hey you know what

I'll take I'll take that this one looks

awesome I love it way to go team we did