Unlocking 3rd Artifact Relic Slot for Druids

stole guy okay clicked I'm ok I won't


alright everyone today I am playing my

druid um right now I am working on

completing my druid um campaign right

there I need five more world quests and

I believe once I complete this I will

unlock my third artifact relic ah some

of you are probably looking at this and

like where's all your artifact power I

normally play resto so all my points are

in resto I really haven't put anything

in feral but the reason why I'm thorough

right now it's because I kill things

faster and most of the world crust

requires you to kill stuff now when I'm

right here the closest world class would

be over there so

oh I go boo so I've only played feral

for about a day I think I know what I'm

doing but uh basically just mashing

buttons just mashing buttons till things

die that's how I play

all right cool when you kill you I do

just killing dudes

yeah because if I did this I was resto

oh it would take forever at least it

feels like forever to kill something

so I just went feral to do my world

quest just smash my buttons

oh no you won't know it no I won't you

will cuz I'm a cat and I have nine lives

true story oh no oh no I don't want to

die maybe he was right

oh no okay oh oh no he's got a pet what

is that another dog ah

well yours right I will die but I killed

them before I died

so that's okay right right right okay

where is everybody

where is everybody all right here is

everybody I'll burn my kneecaps off I

don't sound very nice

go over here and kill these pickles

there's a small taste of my sharp claws

no no here we go

okay so we're 64% of the way through

almost I'm pretty good

there we go

don't mess with that okay the next world

quest you there friend of nature evening

and teaching the expelled

poachers a lesson sure why not

I'm a bear okay I want to play some

hunters okay

easy enough

you know what you Hutten

you're the big beer coming come on


BAM you're dead

sir like a rare rare spawn nearby

can I go kill it and some in this

powerful bear form oh hi

there we go

all done out

or I feel like something still hitting

me oh there we go

boom alright see where these gloves an

upgrade no not really

oh well now the fun world quest just

destroying things in this super bear


you want to help me alright we're going

to try and do some quests okay


yeah you're going to class and I go on

this bridge

look at this big scary bridge I don't

think in real life I across this bridge

as made out of ropes and wood off of a

high windy mountain

there goes full full guy okay sick guy

okay I won't die where is this world

quest at okay yeah is it down man oh oh

no I don't have my toy oh there goes oh

I thought I didn't have a key bounded

but I did

take my wings off look I can go in there


why is this so confusing I'm just

stepping I know I just did just that


I just want to do this world quest here

do I go inside here there we go one week


hey copy the copy limit that's 700 am I

taking their candles on I'm lighting

them up I'm lighting the candle or

taking the lights of blowing them out

silly boy what are you doing

we cut your nails yeah hey do it they

need to be trimmed because you know what

want to cut nails for you don't get cake

puppy let's talk about wouldn't it for

we know what Nestle's our nail clippers

well there's like everyone on me all

this demon hunter right demon hunter

yeah you're cool you're so cool all

right even hunter you're so cool no one

mom what is it buddy I didn't know I am

in the snow

yeah whoa jump again Oh a missing eye

bill mom yeah gotta go back to my body

yeah I'm a little ghost

there's the Monken key whoa

we're almost done with this one I don't

know what black bag

I'm gonna watch back No



um yoga to be new there we go

completed that quest alright so sorry

about the technical difficulties in case

you guys haven't noticed I have a baby

on my lap with this finger might not oh

hey there we go yeah like buzz or

something endearing good yeah I got a

big bear on my on my lap that Oh woops

oh my goodness oh let me unexpectediy we

both as berries at each other

oh hi Matson oh no I'm gonna die okay

yeah this other dress always okay I'm

crazy typing in like random numbers Oh

see and that's how we died oh did I

finish this did I complete this oh it

looks like I whoa okay you did this

again I don't know what just happened

here that's what happens when you have

your little baby sit on your lap trying

to help smash into keyboard but it's

okay yeah I wouldn't do this if I was

raiding I would make sure all my kids

are sleeping

oh he's pulling my hair Oh

are you tired I know it's almost time

it'll pick up that from school ah ah ah

yep we got to go pick up Zach oh geez

keep agreeing this big thing go away

shoot I don't want to fight you don't

want to fight you ah all right no more

smashing the keyboard first thing you do

okay all right

return to dream Grove and receive okay

all right we must go to dream grow

there yo oh dude

alright ready for turnin I'm gonna clap

for me what be sad

alright cool did I get my artifact

weapon thingy unlocked now complete your

druid order campaign to unlock because I

like slot

have I not completed it is it not yet


I might have to UM alright you know what

let's go over to our little where that

little plant here that guy's got a quest

for me though

ah let's check this out oh oh my

goodness no obviously that's not what I


Mary where is that guy with the quoi

I'm stunned

Oh baby I thought I'd get oh my goodness

all right that's for the raid am I

supposed to follow me in hurry

Oh all right I'm ready dude I don't know

what I'm supposed to do I have to have

my artifact infused what

what am i doing

how do i infuse my artifact

am i doing here

I'm multitasking I'm trying to keep this

okay my meal No let's drop the grape

he dropped a grape why do i - alright I

am back I had to go um pick up my my kid

from school and take care of the kids

for a few for an hour or so I had a few

minutes so I guess like add-ons can

disable or make it hard to see like

certain buttons on your screen they say

- just there we go back that button

right there I guess because I had

bartender and a and it was hiding that

so I needed to click on that to infuse

my weapon boom so fancy

oh right

here we go now if you look I unlocked

this appearance right here which I like

it it looks cool and I believe in locked

the third artifact relics lot okay so I

believe my bags are all messy but it's a

life I have a couple this one the frost

relic oh alright so I'm going to equip

this one right there and there we go so

that is it I'm going to be done with

this video I'll mess around my other

stuff later but I hope you enjoyed it

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and I'll see you guys in the next video

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