Destiny 2: How to Unlock the IZANAMI FORGE! | Black Armory

what is up guys wreck cactus here and

today we have the complete guide for how

to unlock the brand-new Izanami forge

just introduced into destiny 2 with the

black armory expansion and so let's get

started but a couple of important things

before we do number one this is an

extremely long and frankly tedious quest

make sure you're doing this on your main

character or whatever character has also

unlocked the Goffin in forge so you can

just do all your Forge stuff on one

character I can't imagine doing this

like three times in a week it would be

brutal number two you're probably gonna

see a very unique looking a bow being

used in some of the background gameplay

this is actually the brand new black

armory exotic bow the lemon Ark and I

will absolutely have a video up later

today showcasing this weapon if you want

to know more about it but you're

probably wondering how the heck did you

get it well I could hold off on telling

you guys until that second video for

some sweet views but that's not what I'm

about if it was I would have made 12

mystery box videos already so how I got

this weapon was just to complete a

dolphin in Forge activity so beat the

boss on wave three the entire activity

is done and I just randomly got it the

only other factor I can think of is I

did have a powerful hand cannon frame

from last week on that character that

was completed

now the exotic did not take the place of

the hand cannon I got both but again

that's the only other factor I can think

of frankly most likely just farm Goffin

and Forge by doing the entire activity

again killing that boss not just failing

in the second wave and you will have a

chance to get this exotic bow happy

hunting now on to the massive quest now

this whole thing begins by just killing

vex so head to necess they're very

common there and after killing maybe one

vex maybe a hundred vex you're going to

get a random drop called the vex

transponder this is going to officially

start your entire

West chain and the first quest step is

to kill a hundred more vex

so again necess and especially heading

into certain loss sectors controlled by

the vex you can just run in there kill a

bunch of ex run out and that's gonna

reload the area go back into the lost

sector kill more vex you'll get this

quest stuff done in no time now right

after you've done that your quest step

is going to update and now you have to

complete a spire integration public

event on heroic specifically in the

hollows it actually does say that so

head to the hollows and just wait around

luckily the only public event that can

spawn in this area is spire integration

in case you forgot or you're a new

player how you activate heroic for this

public event is to stand on the three

different vex plates until they reach

100% so luckily a lot of people are

doing this quest step right now there

should be quite a few blueberries around

to help with this or get a team before

going in it's very hard to actually

activate this solo

standing on those plates and also

defending the Conflux from vex trying to

sacrifice themselves but once you've

done this your quest step is going to

update yet again and now you're gonna

have to defeat 20-minute ARS

specifically in artifacts edge the

hollows the Glade of echoes and the

Watchers grave so the easiest way to get

this done is to do more spire

integration public events especially if

you do activate heroic there's going to

be quite a few acess minotaurs which do

count that are going to spawn during

that public event in fact you can kill

10-plus in a single public event whereas

actually just going to all these areas

killing the one or two naturally

spawning minotaurs and going to the next

one that's gonna take you so much longer

so be on the lookout for those spire

public events in any of those Afra

mentioned areas after killing those

minotaurs the next thing you're going to

need to do is go to the location of the

signals origin now this is actually just

the location of the Izanami forge so

head to the hollows go through this

teleporter right here and it's gonna be

right in front of you now once you do

get to this area there is going to be a


bit of an activity you do need to do

where you have to hack three VEX Conflux

--is just hack the first one and that's

going to spawn the other two and you can

go and hack the next one and the next

one now there are gonna be ads spawning

as you do this but you don't actually

have to wait around the complexes as it

gets to 100% or whatever you can just

hack them and then go all the way to the

next one and then after a little bit

it'll just autocomplete itself now once

you're done hacking there is going to be

a boss you have to kill that's almost

identical to the neutralized shield

drones boss that spawns an artifacts

edge so bring something that can take

this guy down now after you complete

this activity it's gonna prompt you to

head back to the tower and talk to 8:01

once you do she's gonna update your

quest up yet again and this time you're

going to have to do three specific

things you're gonna have to do a heroic

glimmer extraction public event a heroic

which is a ritual public event and a

heroic spire integration public event

spire integration you've already done go

to nessus go to Hallows whatever but the

other two glimmer extraction easiest

places Ede easy again for those may be

unaware all you need to do to activate

heroic on this one is to shoot the three

fallen devices at the three locations as

seen in the background gameplay and then

stand on the glimmer pile until it

reaches 100% for the witches ritual what

you want to do is go to Titan or to Mars

and for this one you just need to have

people standing on the two different

plates that's gonna lower the shields of

the witches you have to kill those

witches and then it's also gonna lower

the shields of the crystals up above the

witches shoot those two crystals to the

right and left side and that will

trigger heroic alright so once you've

done all that your quest step is going

to update yet again and now you have to

do three more things number one you have

to collect blended ether now you get

this from fallen precision multi kills

so for this step I would recommend going

to the Trostle and going into a lost

sector again you can go in there kill

the guys come out reload it really

easily but again it's multi kills and

they have to be precision multi kills so

put on a hand cannon or something that

you can just with two shots kill two you

know falling drags very quickly and

that blend of ether however there's a

little bit of a caveat here if you get a

quick double kill for example you will

get blend of ether but then if you get a

quick another kill you're gonna get

another blend of ether so if you kind of

go off and get like five or six kills in

a row you're gonna get a ton of blend of

ether way more efficient than just

getting a double kill you know waiting

for a bet getting another double kill so

again getting those massive kill streaks

all with precision shots is the way to

complete this faster the other thing you

need to do is get condensed lights now

for this you have to go to lost sectors

specifically on IO and kill taken

flights which of those big stationary

things that slow you down when you go

into them so there's one that a hundred

percent spawns into lost sector closest

to a Shamir you can simply head in there

kill the blight one is going to give you

around 20% then just you know fast

travel back to a shimmy or head back in

here you can even sparrow to it kill it

go back to a Shamir just do that a few

times it's gonna be tedious but it won't

take that long and then the third thing

you need to do for this quest step is to

collect radio Larian vapor now to do

this simply open your map of necess a

quest step is going to appear and you

can go to it and do these special

mission rekindle the flames this mission

has you do quite a bit of jumping at the

beginning of the inverted spire strike

location so you know jump to these

platforms unlock new platforms by

killing these floating objects and then

eventually make it to the end hold out

while you gather vex energy and fend off

enemies and then you will have completed

this mission and your quest step is

going to update yet again this time it's

going to tell you to repower the Izanami

lighter and to do that you have to

complete a volunteer forge activity so

that means head back to the e DZ go to

the original forge that was unlocked

when black armory came out and do that

activity once you complete that your

quest step is going to update yet again

this time prompting you to go back to

ADA one talking to her will give you a

new step to repair the Izanami lighter

and to do this you have to complete the


version of the insight terminus strike

and specifically kill the Cabal boss at

the end and get the component so load up

your necess map you're going to see the

special quest step up here head to that

area and you know except that mission

start that mission and it will just give

you a higher light than normal version

of the insight terminus now you can

speedrun the crap out of this you get

the item from actually killing the boss

so all those enemies at the beginning

and stuff you can just run right past

them but once you do finally take down

that boss your quest step is going to

update yet again and now you have the

chance to reignite the Izanami forge you

actually haven't unlocked yet so you

head back to the Izanami forge with your

repaired lighter and you're going to

complete basically a condensed version

of this Forge there's just a few enemies

you have to kill and then the boss the

actual same boss are gonna fight when

you normally do this Forge is gonna

spawn very quickly so no three waves of

stuff no throwing anything into the

forge once you do kill that boss then

the quest up will complete an update yet

again prompting you to go back to 801 so

do that talk to her and she's going to

give you a basic bow frame however if

you're thinking oh my goodness there's

even more you actually don't have to do

this bow frame it's completely optional

and in fact at this point you have

officially unlocked the Izanami Forge

you can go there you can matchmake you

can completed all of that stuff so there

you have it how to unlock this brand new

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