5 Tips to Unblock Your Solar Plexus Chakra

did I tell you to wear that outfit who

cares nobody watches the show anyways if

I don't do it nothing around here gets

done that's why I don't even try well

that's a bad attitude to have do either

of those selves manipulate your life is

it the nagging controller or the low

self-esteem can't get out of the way of

my self self if so it might be that your

solar plexus chakra is totally out of

whack today I'm going to share some

steps that I use to realign myself when

I feel totally frustrated with my life

and I feel judging of others or I have

the self esteem of a limp dish towel so

let's get started tip number one

visualization place your hands over your

solar plexus chakra and visualize it as

a ball of yellow light glowing in your

stomach take a deep breath and each time

imagine more yellow light entering your

body and going straight to this area

imagine a glowing even brighter and

brighter and you're doing this because

you want your solar plexus to radiate

and as it does your confidence and your

personal power are going to grow as well

now imagine this ball of yellow light

beginning to spread throughout your

entire body visualize every molecule of

your body wrapped in this warm glowing

yellow light feel yourself becoming more

and more empowered now imagine standing

up for yourself and speaking with

confidence visualize yourself making

that important decision with clarity and


now hold on to this and feel the success


really feel it good tip number 2

affirmations you should be sitting

comfortable from tip number 1 so just

keep going with these affirmations see

them out loud or in your head I even

like to write them down while I'm

journaling do whatever works for you ok

these affirmations are I act with

courage and confidence I will achieve my

goals I get the job done I accept that

everyone is entitled to be different I

am strong I Know Who I am I am

self-motivated I have the power to

manifest my dreams I have a healthy

self-esteem tip number 3 exercise

exercise that includes any movement of

your muscles is always a recommendation

and this chakra seems to work best with

transportation type exercising like

walking or jogging so get outside go for

a walk if you have a dog take your dog

for a walk just start baby steps little

baby steps

I hate exercising tip number 4 Krystal's

everyone knows that I love crystals so I

perform any of the earlier tips using

either citrine or tiger's eye wear them

hold them put them around your house put

it on your desk it doesn't matter just

use them embrace the crystal tip number

5 aromatherapy I like to use essential

oils simply because the smell it reminds

me to realign with my intentions so if I

catch a whiff of bergamot or cardamon or

even sandalwood then it reminds me of my

affirmations and it reminds me of my

inner strength when I'm faced with a

challenge that day and I know there is a

lot of oils that you can use for this

chakra but these are just the ones that

I like to use

so those are five great tips to help

your solar plexus chakra now physically

you may have experienced digestive

issues or stomach disorders if this

chakra is blocked and I know that I have

in the past in issues with this chakra

it can even manifest as a medical

condition that requires a trip to the

doctor emotionally the solar plexus

chakra is the energy center of

responsible for personal power and


it keeps me balanced between confidence

and conceit and between self-respect and

narcissism but when this area is

balanced I have no trouble deciding

whether I should stand and fight or just

walk away it's like my emotions are all

balanced and it's so easy for me to form

my own opinions without judging anybody

else in the process and I just feel so

confident in my own inner knowledge and

my own knowing my own power another

great thing about a healthy solar plexus

chakra is that I get things done on time

no procrastinating or letting it stress

me out it's like I appreciate my sense

of self-worth but at the same time I am

NOT undervaluing other people seems like

it's worth spending some time on huh you

know if I could go back in time and

teach my younger self one life-changing

lesson it would be to go within and

connect with my own inner knowledge and


you know I face so much in my life

without a connection to this part of me

and I can't believe it guys it's right

there it's been right there the whole

time and having the tools and the

practice to achieve this now it's really

transformed my whole

entire life I want you to remember if

you're just starting out just take it

slow because before you know it you're

gonna be unlocking your psychic

superpowers and you're gonna be living

in the life that you always knew that

you were meant to have until next time

I'm Marissa Greco your mystical guide

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