iPhone 3GS: How to Remove / Reset Forgot Passcode

how to remove or we sit the passcode on

the iPhone 3 so here this form is quite

oh and if you have left it in the drawer

for a long time and now you want to

bring it out to use it oh so it you may

have have forgotten the passcode to

remove all within it you need to put the

phone into recovery mode and we store it

back to the factory default where first

we need to plug in the USB cables and

computers and we're going to need to use

iTunes to do this so you should have

install itunes or your computer already

what we're going to do is we're going to

press on to the power button and the

home button so press and hold both these

buttons for 10 seconds until the phone

is turned off so I'm going to press both

buttons here and hold so just press and

hold once you see it goes off like that

now let go of the power button and hold

on to the home buttons

so this at this point after 10 seconds

this we will study is plug that on your

computer you should see it says connect

to itunes there should be a message

appears on the computer okay now while

on the computers you can see here's the

phone the still has a black swing but

there is a message here they said I

shouldn't it has detects an iPhone in

recovery mode you must be stole this

iPhone before it can use it simply click

on OK now you can either click on

restore iphone or if you ever got a

restore a backup copy it will basically

try to download a new iOS for the iPhone

3GS and click on the restore iphone

buttons there and then click on restore

an update so now you can see it's a

extracting the software iPhone and it's

going to try to do the recovery so

here's the phone

as you can see it still has a black

screen and simply paying iPhone for

restore so with just the wait for it to

finish so nice verifying iPhone with

Apple so now this one is kind of like

briefly turn on with a backlight here

you can see so I'm still verifying while

connecting so you can see not an apple

logos appear on the swing and said


iPhone so we store and here's the Apple

logos and then you can see there is a

progress bar below the Apple logos right

here and now that we store all the

recovery mode has begun ok this process

can take a while so I have speed up the

video a little bit and you can see here

it shows an Apple logo the phone will

turn on off a few times before it finish

now while the phone is restoring it does

not require any of your input so you do

not need to do anything just put the

phone on the table

and go and take a cup of coffee it can

takes around 15 to 20 minutes or even 25

minutes depending on the speed of your

phone your computer etc but it's around

20 minutes and yeah it will turn off and

then turn on off and on a few times then

you see the Apple logo appear one is

once this has finished you should see a

setup screen so our coming up here in a

few seconds you will see a setup screen

where you can choose the language here

you can set up the Wi-Fi for your phone

and here is you can up begin to set up

and that's it thank you for watching

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