How to Install Our Unlock SIM in a 3G iPhone


okay stay at the sim stop anything in

here ok taecyeon locks in

you should a little chip is facing in it

also has this little cut on top which

was pretty much the only way you can fit

it in that cut is right there on top


sim sim also has that little cut like

that top tip make sure that the little

metal connectors can kind of come

through doesn't have to be perfect just

so I'm cows on line and then we're gonna

wait a little bit it's gonna take a

little bit for t-mobile's name to come

up so don't freak out if it doesn't come

up right away just we'll wait be patient

we have ours


we've had edge looking for a company

name please



there's your t-mobile now also something

else you have to do whenever you put the

sim in you have to go to settings you

have to go to general network and then

make sure that enable 3G is off and that

data roaming is on otherwise the phone

will not work then also go to cellular

data network and to get the internet to

work and YouTube you need to type in a

whap boy stream calm which is w AP boy

stream calm that's it