How to unlock any Old Verizon cell phone Non 3g Or 4g

alright thanks for watching I'm gonna

show you guys how to unlock any flip

phone that's older not 3G or 4G with

Verizon and I'm surprised nobody has

really made a video on this or not

explained it very well if you have a

Verizon phone and it has a four digit

lock code on it everybody who makes a

video tells you how to wipe your phone

out by going into settings but if you

have a four digit code on your phone

right here you can default it by

activation and make it the last four

numbers that the company activated it

with so now if you hit start to 2/8 N

and listen to your it's gonna do

over-the-air programming so star two to

eight send and listen and choose option

one it'll activate your phone and the

last four digits of the phone that it

activates will be the I'm sorry the

password will be the last four digits of

the phone number that it activated it

with like when I activated this phone

right now and call Verizon Wireless

customer service this is my phone number

that they gave me they gave us good

information and a password so the first

thing you're going to want to do if you

have a phone with a lock on it is take

off the battery this is your ESN here it

says a five zeros to one it's that long

number right there it's a meid hex

number and what you're gonna want to do

is call a live person from Verizon

prepaid and what you're gonna want to do

is tell you want to activate the phone

once they once you give them that number

right there and they activate the phone

you're pretty much home free all you're

gonna do is you're gonna hit star two to

eight then push the send key see how it

says activation it's now activating my

phone let me put it on speaker for you


it's trying to activate it push one to

programmer activate your phone it's now

activating and putting a new number in

there even if there's a four digit lock

on this you'll be able to do this again

here is how to get a whole you have to

get off a whole of a live person and

activate that ESN that's why I'm putting

the phone number up here for prepaid

it's 888 two nine four six eight zero

four it's a little hard to get a hold of

a live person if the only phone you got

is that little one you hit star six one

one cent from your handset you have to

choose the right options in order to get

a hold of a live person they make it a

little business as activation successful

even with the four digit code on the

screen you are going to enter the last

four digits which was ninety one ninety

five for me and it will unlock your

phone and that's it so I hope this video

helped you out give me a thumbs up

thanks for watching