How To Unlock iPhone 3G

hello this video tutorial will show you

how to unlock an Apple iPhone 3G when

you insert a different network SIM card

into your iPhone it will display no

service or sim not valid when this

happens follow these steps to unlock

your iPhone first go to your iPhone and


star hash zero six hash when your unique

IMEI number appears write it down then

press the dismiss button next logon to

fast GSM comm and create an account if

you haven't done so already

once logged in go to the detail page for

your iPhone within the fast gsm website

and confirm that your country and

network is supported

if so purchase the appropriate service

log into my account using your fastgsm

login and password then select an

appropriate unlock service for your

iPhone and click the used service button

next type in your unique IMEI and select

your phone model then hit the ok button

make sure the country and network your

iPhone is locked onto is supported now

wait until you see the email

confirmation that your unlock has been

granted once you've received an unlock

granted confirmation start the latest

version of iTunes and connect the phone

to your computer iTunes will

automatically activate and unlock your

phone congratulations your phone is now

permanently unlocked this is not a free

service you will need to purchase the

unlocking kit from fast GSM comm

remember at fastgsm.com

LG samsung and many more for more

information on products and services

please visit fastgsm.com and take the

first step to setting your cell free

with fast GSM