How to Homebrew Your Nintendo 3DS 11.13 for FREE

hello everyone my name is Jack Sorel and

today I'm gonna show you how to homebrew

your Nintendo 3ds or 2d airs on firmware

version 11.30

for free the 3ds has received yet

another firm will not be from Nintendo

and I thought the last update was gonna

be maybe two or three updates ago but

nope here we are on the new firmware 11

point 13 in my previous Humphrey video I

made for the 3ds just a few weeks ago I

showed you how to install homebrew on

the last firmware 11 point 12 and the

process is still the same so to see my

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the studier works on all two DS and 3ds

consoles and it can't damage your

console either what you'll need is an SD

card a PC either SD card reader for your

PC as well as an internet connection for

your PC unstraight yes but if you don't

have a PC you can actually use your

phone instead I have a video which shows

you how to install hombre by using your

phone so if you choose to watch my older

video or not just make sure to replace

my old version 11.10 westerner aversion

11.30 to watch that video click the I in

the top right hand corner now and if you

need any help with any of the steps in

this video

feel free to ask on my desk card server

or watch my videos showing you how to

fix common errors with homebrew both of

those can be found in the Federals

description but now let's get started

and remember to leave a lake or an

s-video over help Theo frost of all open

up system settings and check your

firmware version yours will be shown in

the bottom right corner of the top

screen yours should start with 11 points

13 but if your starts with

eleven point seven eight nine ten eleven

or twelve death will also work for you

write down your entire FEM web version

because he will need it later what we're

going to do it next is open up the

Nintendo eShop because we're going to

download a free game from there with

whoever you can install homebrew apps

like tools utilities emulators and lost

more I'll link to of my emulators videos

at the end of this video once a shelf

loaded up tap the search bar and type

and sub Wars like I am here tap ok and I

shall take you to this game here but

this isn't array one actually because it

has update and a title we're going to

scroll this way and look for this game

here that's one to one we want

as you can see I have downloaded this

game before but don't worry this game as

free it's actually just a demo once it's

finished downloading head back to the

home menu and then open your new game


when you try to open the game you should

see this message do not update the game

because fer get the game hombre one work

later when we go to install it make sure

you press a to open the game without

updating if you update your game by

mistake then check the video description

I have a video explaining how to remove

the update right there once you open the

game was so updating you should see the

screen let's tap the screen and then tap

ok select a me then press a button then

return to the title screen by hitting

the B button now close a software and

head over to your PC and your browser's

URL bar - 3 D s da cornholes or gate and

you'll be taken to the street yes page

on my website it finds us video right

here and we'll start by clicking the

boot file button download the latest

version of the bird or 3dfx failed and

save it to your desktop the latest

version hasn't whom remain you to point

zero point zero anymore you should

choose the latest version what should be

in the same place as what I'm showing

here next click the steal tox button and

then click assess download button right

here and then save the file to your


now click the brute force movable button

the next fail we'll need will be

processed by brick force movable comm

you can help reinforce movable comm by

processing other peoples fails on your

PC and the more fails you process the

higher you get on their leaderboard

once you've read this message and

consider becoming a volunteer click the

continue button

Nyberg will defend a friend code and

enter into this box to send your friend

code head over to your 3d ass and open

up your friends list and then find your

friend card you can see my friend code

right here enter your friend hood into

this box once you've entered your friend

code you're now going to enter your ID 0

number to find your 3d a C's ID 0 number

open up your street a C's

SD card and look for less folder called

and handles three das we're going to

select this folder and then press f2 on

our keyboard to rename it and we're

going to rename it to my Nintendo 3ds

once you've renamed the folder eject the

SD card and put it back into your 3d X


once you pepper on your 3d s you should

get this message right away your Street

gets wallpaper and downloaded games

won't show up when doing this but we'll

get them back in a second once it's

finished pepper off your 3d s and then

put the SD card back into your PC now

over on your pc open up your street ya

sees SD card and you should see just

mutant and handles 3d earth folder open

a new folder and you'll see this one

inside select s folder then press f2 and

copies s folder name this name as your

ID 0 number and then paste it into brick

4th movable comm over on the SD card

find a nerd and handles 3df full

which just appeared we are going to

delete the new Nintendo 3ds folder and

then name my Nintendo 3ds to Nintendo's

3ds ensure your name this folder

correctly back in your browser window

click there

I am NOT a true bought button then click

go if you're Street yes was turned off

when you press go turn it back on alt or

may not know once it's on click this

button here the website should now give

you a friend call to enter on your 3ds

don't use my friend code which I have

here use the one Bush the website gives

you to add the friend cold head over to

your 3ds and open your friends lost once

again tap register friend and then tap

Internet then enter the friend code

watch the website gave you

you may or may not be asked to enter a

name for your friend but if you are just

enter anything you want you may not

become friends immediately a can take a

minute or two but once you have became

friends the website will update and

you'll see this button you should now

see this continued button on the website

press the continue button and then wait

for it to finish this can take a few

seconds to a few minutes and there we go

is all finished now click the download

moveable dot SED button and see if they

fail to your desktop now back on my

website help the save file button and on

this page select choose file and then

choose your millivolt or sed failed what

you just downloaded there and the region

drop down menu choose the region which

matches your 3d s to find out your


check your firmware version if yours

ends Ana letter e choose Europe at the

ends and the letter you choose USA and

if it ends in letter J choose Japan once

he fell down those two boxes hit the

start button and then save the file to

your desktop


and finally at the pillar button and

you'll see the page and to your 3df

model of its old our new then enter your

entire FEM web version which she wrote

down earlier if you're not sure if your

3d s or 2d s as old are nude then look

for the C step if your console have a C

stuck then your 2d s or s read yes is

new if you don't have a C step your card

sell us all and once you've done that

click download other app then save the

file to your desktop I'd remember if you

need any help with the aid of the steps

in this video click this button to join

my official discord server what we're

going to do first as Open File Explorer

click the View tab then enable file

extensions then feign death fail select

it then press f2 and rename it to

payload and should know see pale or dot

been no less turn off fail extensions if

we weren't on already

for this file you'll need to install

7-zip or WinRAR I'll use when are to

extract this file once you have one bar

right-click the file and then click

extract here


open up your street yesyes SD card and

copy the boot fail the steal hacks

folder and a 3d s folder to the root of

the sdcard and site steal hack folder

delete the put payload here fail then

copy the P would fail enter this folder

on the SD card

open the stre DF folder and delete the

only folder and side so that the 3d

earth folder is empty then open the

Nintendo 3ds folder then the folder

which house your ID 0 number edit then

dust folder then the title folder then

just folder and then the folder starting

with 0 0 0 d7 your folder name might be

different but it will start with 0 0 0

d7 then open the data folder and copy

your save file into the folder and

overwrite the old one no less that will

check everything the 3d s folder should

be empty the skill hack folder should

have a payload and side and this fails

boot door 3d as air should be on the

root of the sdcard and a safe fail

should be in the data folder we were

just end

now let's eject the SD card and put it

back into your 3ds and we can delete

these files we won't need them anymore

now on your 3d yes

open up steel diver sub warriors without

updating the game and that third you've

just installed homebrew on your 3ds on

firmware version 11.30 n-- for free you

can see the form free launcher is quite

empty yes no for reals are all but don't

worry I have videos on my channel on how

to install emulators tools and loss more

I'll have to em later videos linked at

the end of this video like I said

earlier but now to exit the homebrew

launcher press the start button and then

the a button and you'll be kept back to

the home menu and there we go now

whenever you want to open homebrew just

open steel diver sub wars and the

homebrew launcher should open a few

homebrew launcher ever cresci's hold

down the power button for 10 seconds and

then turn your EDS back on and remember

if you're beat the game homebrew won't

work anymore so definitely do an update

but and now you have full Umbreon your

3d ass and i hope you enjoy using it and

I'd like to thank Dead Phoenix for brute

force movable the save file generator

website and the temporary replacement

for the P Lord website very good work

well that's all for today

my name's Jack Sorel and I'll see you

soon with a brand new video