[3DS] How To Bypass Parental Controls

hey guys today I'll be showing you how

to bypass parental controls on a

Nintendo 3ds or Wii U system so I've set

up controls so I cannot access the

internet settings and you don't know the

pins so you can't access it so to bypass

this you want to enter system settings

as I may do right now

next you want to tap on got no controls

in the top right hand corner of the

bottom screen then hit forgot pin when

this question comes up the changes

already won't know this either so you

click I forgot on the bottom screen and

to give you a ten digit number you want

to keep this up on your screen and on

another device like a phone of the PC go

to this website on-screen it's also in

the video description if you wanted to

see that too once you're on the website

type the number into the inquiry nomu

box once you've got to type in make sure

to enter the date to you need to have

this accurate to whatever you three es

us in the top right hand corner of the

screen or else it will not generate a

functional key so double check that and

once you got everything set click on the

Go button it'll then generate a master

key so now I knew 3d s click OK

type in the master key from the website

and click OK it should say master key

confirmed at this point everything you

do is up to you I recommend setting up a

pin that you'll remember such as 1 1 1 1

click OK and then type it again through

the question this is on you you can do

whatever you want

next if it asks you if you want to

register an email address click cancel

and then you should be out of screen

that looks like this then you want to

click clear settings to completely

remove all of the parental controls

click delete to confirm it it should

return you back to the opening screen of

system settings and that means you've

done you've successfully removed all of

the parental controls from your system

so that's it thanks for watching we'll

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see you next time