Level 3 Little Legend Opening (Not PBE)

oh [ __ ] okay I just bought some RP and

now it's time to just some little

legends okay let me check out Sean I can

get first because already bought some

and I'm like [ __ ] it let's just get more

how the other one I wanted when I got

this guy

oh my god see everything's popping up

seeing iPod so I got this guy this

little one this guy's pretty cute this

guy this guy there everything is long

one hotel and then what else to have I

have this little wall driver this black

mystery spirit

dieudonné just everything this respirar

actually kind of looks like a unknown

the Pokemon unknown

it was the most uses of them all I don't

know it's me but I got the silver ring

row rose bloom Silver Wing which is

pretty cute you know but I really want

to get the yellow one the dawn glow

silver ring she looks the sexiest and

obviously have this guy love it too and

in case anyone is wondering in order to

get level 2 or level 3 pets or low

Legends you have to get to the same one

and then they instantly become level 2

so right now I actually got to the same

Domitian level ones and it became the

lover - in case anyone's wondering now

let's go by the opening this Bible Oasis

start opening some which one do I want

she get the little series those series

was one yeah this one it's not the bomb

okay let's go for this one purchase

let's do it okay let's begin the opening

here come on dawn summer wing woo okay

so this means I pretty much got one of

the same level wine for the rose bloom

and became Lola - I'm pretty sure that's

on my knees come on stay one more and

your love of three

oh this was not bad Lion Heart for your


he looks pretty cute oh I like you I

like them I need a love of three love

with three [ __ ] yeah

this guy's he's I where's the level

three level three BAM whoa level two so

that means I got to the same level two

guy or level I secured the same low one

guy and now I got love to see come on

level three oh okay well this one's epic

a little hunting don't really want him

but okay take it I'll take it you this

guy's yeah fireball

come on Oh another molten level - that

means I got one more the same one again

what's a yellow guy come on come on ah

Saima [ __ ] save me a lot of the slow

ones that's why everyone's computerized

level - come on

Oh baby there you go

how's she know she's pretty sexy yeah

love of three rolls boom no not bad I

like yeah I like it

that means I got three of the same one

in the beginning but three same love 1

equal to level 3

yeah she looks not bad I like him come

on oh oh I picked a little legend all

right he looks not bad I like him

last one come on

darn gold or wherever that's cold but uh

you know that sounds cool low three you

look sexy all right yeah like you Oh

baby okay let's see how these guys look

so let's go back here

where's my little legends this guy okay

so I got this guy Oh got one of him


this guy is level two and see no choice

102 to this guy so this is one I got low

three so he's gonna actually look sexy

when he played the game cuz you know

he's level three all of us three has

like a glowy effect so I think I'll be

using him maybe I also got some of these

Dark Matter hunt wings loved one

he's got also a loved one I mean all

them were level Oh No stuff of us yeah

this guy got love - okay love it - holy

SH a he was theory a lovely okay well -

and this guy I didn't get him today so I

her so she I got level one two three

so she's the one that liked the most of

all times of our today Rose blooms

Silverwing all right

and then this guy loved it too okay

nothing so far let's see I'll be using

either her or the green guy there's none

deals like more the green one or the

pink one let me know all right

that's it for today let me know if you

guys want me to UM oh I mean let me know

if you guys want to open more of these

little legends if I get 10 likes I'll

open us some more again