Unlock Any Metro PCS Phone Free

what is up everyone Stephane here from

Tech ride today I'll be showing you how

to unlock any device from MetroPCS

whether it's the ZTE zmax Pro the Moto e

4 or the blades Emacs I will be showing

you how to unlock it for free in this

video stay tuned


so what I'm about to show is basically

applicable on any you know device at

metro pcs now the things you are gonna

have to know or get educated about is

why are you unlocking your phone are you

gonna use it on another carrier are you

gonna use it as like a backup phone what

service are you gonna put on it also to

do this you're gonna actually have to

have this phone for at least 90 days now

metro pcs gives you this option to

unlock your phone once you've used your

phone on their carrier with their

service for 90 days so if you haven't

used your device for 90 days and it's

not going to be possible to unlock your

phone for free so what you're gonna want

to do next is actually go into your app

drawer or wherever this application may

be and it's gonna be called device

unlock now you're gonna want to go ahead

and click on that so this is gonna

actually be a permanent unlock it says

select the option if you would like to

permanently a request that your device

be unlocked so all you have to do if you

had your device for 90 days

is go ahead and permanently unlock your

device so actually all you have to do is

press that it says requesting for a

permanent unlock it says unlock failed

it says this mobile device is not

eligible for unlock for this device

unlock eligibility details please go

online or contact customer care now the

reason why this device is not eligible

is because I only used it for 30 days so

I had this on a you know on a sixty

dollar plan for about thirty days you're

gonna at least have to have your phone

for ninety days to actually go ahead and

unlock your device now I did it with the

ZTE zmax pro it worked 100% fine and a

lot of people were actually confused on

how to you know permanently unlock their

phone so if you actually want to go

ahead and do that again go to that

application device unlock and once you

had your device on the same carrier

MetroPCS for 90 days

press permanent unlock and you should be

good it's then gonna go ahead and

restart your device and

your device will be permanently unlocked

and you will get a message that says

your device is unlocked now and you can

pretty much use it on any carrier I hope

you guys enjoyed this video if you did

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