How To Unlock A Phone - Use it with any SIM card

hey what's up guys in today's video I

will show you how to lock any phone out

there in the market this method will

work to unlock the LG HTC Samsung iPhone

any phone out there in the market it is

very simple I'm going to show you how to

do it stay put

step by step and I promise you by the

end of this video you're gonna know 100%

how to unlock any phone out there now it

is very simple I'm gonna show you how to

do it step by step after you unlock it

you will be able to say the world why

with all the SM SIM cards in the world

of course so um before we start I have

to mention that unfortunately most of

the phones you have to pay a small

amount to unlock them

very few are free but um I wanna show

you the way to to unlock it and then you

decide if you want to lock it or not

alright so in this case I'm gonna be

using an lg g2 and but it's the same

procedure with all phones out there so

the first thing we're gonna have to do

is you open your phone application and

you dial the following command star

pound zero six pound as you can see here

in the screen a 15 digit IMEI number

will appear that is the same for every

phone out there so once you get this


we're gonna need this number to request

the unlock code to unlock at the phone

right so just make sure you write it

down somewhere because that's the most

important part to get this IMEI number

alright so the next step is to go to a

computer so I'm just gonna use my

computer here and this will work for mac

and windows user doesn't matter which

one you are and you're just gonna open

your internet browser I use Google

Chrome so we're just gonna go to the

website unlockriver.com I'm just gonna

take off the coupons for one second

alright so once you go to this website

you can unlock any phone here so you

just need to fill in the information of

your phone you wish to unlock on this

part so on the first section we're gonna

select the original carrier of the phone

in this case I'm gonna unlock the lg

phone and I

but it on 80 United States so I'm just

gonna select if you can see here it says

80 that's the currently company which is

creating a lock - alright so the next

step is to select the brunt of your

phone I'm gonna be unlocking an lg phone

and then you will have to select the

exact model there are a lot of different

models so just make sure you select the

exact one the correct one so this is an

lg g2 so I'm gonna go ahead and select

that one and then you will have to type

here at the 15 digit IMEI number we got

at the beginning of the video so just

make sure you write it down here must be

a hundred percent correct alright

I always that you will get an error and

this method will not work so just make

sure you check it before placing uh

before proceeding the next step is to

write down your personal email where you

want to receive your unlock code so I'm

just gonna write down I'm seeing my

personal email there we go and they're

gonna send you they will not go to that

email after it's done being generated if

you scroll value you're gonna see up

there leave every time and price to

unlock your phone prices will vary

depending on your model carrier some are

very cheap from $2 others are up to $200

or it depends some of them are even free

so we're gonna click unlock now so in

the following screen just make sure you

read everything there's like summary of

your order and you can go ahead and read

all the important messages and

information that is presented on this

page and as I promised you I was gonna

show you step-by-step how to unlock it

so I'm gonna complete a payment it's

gonna take 10 seconds I swear because

it's very fast if you have a PayPal

account I'm just gonna look in here with

my PayPal account it's gonna take a

couple of seconds it's really quick

promise so we click where it says pay

now and that's it we should get a

confirmation message saying that the pin

payment order order was placed

successfully and that's it guys you all

you have to do right now is wait until

you get a notification on your email as

you can see here you get a message just

like this saying that the order was

placed successfully and you'll have to

wait for some phones it is only enough


and for some other phones I can take up

to 15 business day for example for the

iPhone it's really long for LG HTC is

very quick so once you have waited the

estimated amount of delivery time you're

gonna go and check your email and you

will receive an email just like this if

you can see here you will get an email

saying your LG and lock code is ready so

we're gonna open this email and as you

can see here you're gonna get a message

saying your LG unlock code is ready

you also get instructions on how to

enter the unlock code and of course you

get the actual unlock code so I'm gonna

show you how to insert the unlock code

into the phone it is the same procedure

with any phone out there so we're gonna

get get the phone and we're gonna power

it off okay so just power up the hunt

there click there press the top of a

power off button then you click where it

says power off and click OK to continue

and this is a very important part so

once your phone is fully off you can

insert the new SIM card you wish to use

your phone with for example my phone is

from Tim from AT&T so I'm gonna use a

SIM card that is not from AT&T I'm gonna

use my SIM card from t-mobile so I'm

just gonna go ahead and put it into a

SIM card tray and put it inside a phone

just insert it here there we go and

we're gonna go ahead and turn it on all

right it will take a couple of seconds

until the phone is fully on and once it

turns on it's gonna request the network


the network unlock pin or unlock code

all right so we're just gonna give it a

couple of seconds and we should get a

message asking for the unlock code if

you can see here you will get the

message just like this and here's where

you need to insert the unlock code you

receive in your email so we're just

gonna go ahead and insert it here so

your lucio zero one nine four four nine

seven six four

seven one two six six you're gonna click

done and once you click on luck now look

here this button you will see a

confirmation message saying that the

unlock was successful sim network unlock

successful that's it guys the phone is

now fully unlocked is ETS as simple as


once your code is accepted by your phone

it will automatically restart and it can

take up to one minute because I don't

know I think it has to reconfigure some

settings in the phone but it is as

simple as that

if phone is now fully in luck you can

use it with all GSM SIM cards worldwide

and if you have any questions please do

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that's it guys

thank you for watching have a good day