How To Unlock LG G3 - Use it with any carrier, AT&T, T-mobile, Rogers, Orange, O2, etc...

hey what's up guys in today's video I'm

gonna show you how to unlock two

different phones

first we have the Sony Xperia z2 and the

LG g3 both of these phones are unlocked

the same way that's exactly the reason

why I'm doing it Twitter because it is

exactly the same procedure for both of

them so we're gonna do a factory unlock

Disney and sell after you unlock your

phone you're gonna be able to use it

worldwide with any GSM SIM card and it

is very simple I promise you guys by the

end of this video you're going to know

100% how to unlock any Xperia L geophone

it is very simple now before we start

unlocking the phone's I have to mention

that unfortunately there is no possible

way to unlock these phones for free ok

we will have to pay a small amount but

trust me guys it is worth every penny to

have your phone fully unlocked to use it

worldwide and the truth is it is not

really expensive with that said let's

unlock them right now I'm going to start

unlocking the lg g3 but trust me it is

the same procedure with the Xperia phone

alright so first we go to the the phone

application just as if we were dialing a

call and you type star hash zero six

hash now as you will see the 15 digit

IMEI number will appear in your screen

that is very very very important based

on this number we're going to generate

the unlock code to unlock your phone now

if it is the same procedure for the Sony

Xperia I'll show you right now like star

pound zero six pound and you will see

that the IMEI number of we all appear as

well in this screen alright so that was

the first part the second part takes

place on the computer so I'm doing this

with a camera here let me just like just

a focus one second there we go and now

we're going to look to the website

unlockriver.com in these lips that we

are going we're going to request the

unlock code to unlock this phone so we

just need to fill in information in this

part and we're gonna be unlocking the

phone right now so you first select the

original carrier of your phone in this

case I bought it on AT&T United States

it's currently locked to that company

the next step you select the brand of

your phone LG or Alcatel or hue

depending which one you're in a lot in

this case I'm gonna lock the LG g3 so I

also need to select the exact model so

just gonna live with this lg g3 so we're

gonna click on that one the following

step is very very important so here it

will ask you to enter the 15 digit IMEI

number that's the number we got at the

beginning of the video we are going to

include only the 15 first digits all

right perfect

now you have to write down your email

address whenever we see the unlock code

just make sure it is correct now if you

scroll down you will see an average

delivery time and the price to unlock

your phone this will vary depending on

your model carrier and brand so we're

gonna go and click where it says one

look now on the following page you will

see a summary of your order just make

sure everything is correct with

everything here is very very important

and we're gonna proceed to checkout so

we're just gonna click reset checkout

with PayPal and we're gonna make the

payment really quick

he's gonna take less than 10 seconds I

promise so you will see a page just like

this if you scroll down you will also

have the options to pay with different

credit cards or if you don't have a

PayPal account the worry there are other

ways and we're gonna click pay now I

have a PayPal account so it's very fast

I am already locked in alright perfect

that's it the payment has gone through

and we're just gonna wait to be

redirected to the website

unlockriver.com to lay email you the

unlock code and you can take one day one

hour two hours three days or it depends

on every carrier I'm gonna show you how

the email will look like after you

receive bit of code we're gonna go to my

personal email account alright so once

we're in where you're gonna see that I

have received an email saying your lock

code is ready the email is from a local

River and we're gonna click and open

this email now once you open it you will

be you will read it says your unlock

code is ready if you scroll down you

will get also the instructions they are

very simple and you will also get their

unlock code so that's the most important

part of the email of course and I'm

gonna show you how to insert this unlock

code into the phone we're gonna grab

here that the LG phone and we're gonna

click OK and you have to power it off so

we're gonna click the power off button

this is the same procedure for Experian

as well

so power-ups and it's gonna take a

couple of seconds until the phone is

fully up but we're gonna take the back

case or the back cover of the phone we

have to remove the battery and the

following step is important in this case

my phone is locked to AT&T but I'm going

to use a SIM card that it's not from

AT&T or a different one when you want to

use your phone with so in this case I

want to use my phone with t-mobile so if

you just insert the SIM card of your

choice can be any GSM SIM card and we're

gonna put back the battery so we just

put it back on and we're gonna power on

the phone so it will take a couple of

seconds until the phone is fully on and

once it's on it's gonna recognize a

non-accepted sim card and it will ask us

to enter the network unlock code now in

this case there are two different codes

the pin code and the network unlock code

the pin code is a personal password that

you put your phone to the SIM card of

your phone so in this case enter PIN

code that is a personal password or PIN

that you put to your SIM card if you

don't know what you can see it on the

back of your SIM card card so for four

to four is in my case but you know

that's a personal so now you will get a

message see network unlock code that is

the code we receive in the email you

must say Network all right so we're

gonna insert the unlock code we received

and just make sure it is correct so I

don't know if you can see it there but

I'm gonna write down here okay it is for

eight three zero four one seven two

seven eight three six two three three

seven alright so we're gonna click where

it says done and we're gonna press

unlock and we should get our confirm

message same network unlock successful

that's it guys the phone is fully fully

unlocked now it is ready to use it

worldwide with any GSM SIM card and when

after you certain the code

the phone will restart you can take a

couple of seconds even a minute to get

on so don't get scary if it takes a

while but that's it guys the phone is

fully unlock and we're just gonna wait

until the pony's back on and I'm going

to show you that it work so let's just

give it a couple seconds more and in

this case I'm using an 18 t phone which

was originally from AT&T and I'm gonna

be using it with my t-mobile SIM card so

it is as simple as that and it will also

always ask you for the pin code if you

do have one four four two four that's a

personal code and that's it

we should get we should see here

t-mobile this bar is full I remember it

is exactly the same way for for any

experience for Xperia z2 the Xperia z1

any Xperia own out there thank you for

watching subscribe to my channel peace