Mi Band 3 - How to Unlock your Phone | Smart Lock | 2019

the Maven 3 which has many features it

can count your steps distance calories

burned and also you have you can check

your heart rate

stopwatch timer and many other features

so in this video I'm gonna teach you how

to unlock your phone using your may

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you need your phone unlock your phone

then scroll to your notification channel

and click on the meat fat meat with app

application and then you have to take

your watch and you can see it's

automatically connected to the watch

then go to your profile section the

English you have to click the mail and P

option then in the first option you can

see unlock screen so click on

so there are some on-screen instructions

just follow those go to settings

security setup screen lock tap smart

lock to unlock the phone so go to

settings first of all


and then scroll down until you find an

option called Matlock click on that and

type your PIN

so once you're done with the pin click

just the devices then you have to add

trust device prosody then on the top you

can see it shows me band 3 so click on

it and then yes add click on option with

save yes

so once you click yes em you can see

that the me band 3 has been connected to

the trusted devices and also it has been

connected to the knee band 3 the watch

so that's how you have connected to the

phone so let's just go back and close

that and is it clear it fully and let's

just go for a test right now


Oh Oh a I have my phone and as you can

see it shows the smart lock option and

the phone in the box is mounted so when

I just swiped it it unlocked so no need

a password for this so now let's just

test by turning off the Bluetooth and

now I will lock my device and then again

on it so as you can see now it's asking

to the finger paint or the password the

pin and you can see it's disconnected in

the bottom so that's the proof so let me

on it again and try so it's on and just

wait until it shows that band is

connected so the main key that will show

whether it's connected amount yeah now

it's connected which is hold on

and it is connected so basically so hope

you'll enjoy this video and also please

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thank you see