How To Use A 3 Hole Punch-Tutorial

hey everybody I'm here today to show you

how to use a three-hole punch in this

video I'll be going over the basics of

properly using a three-hole punch tool

with that being said let's get right

into the video as you can see this is a

three-hole punch and the first thing

that I want to show you is that there

are actually three spots where this unit

will punch holes in the paper one two

and three and these can be adjusted and

I'll show you in just a few moments how

to do that but first and foremost I'm

gonna show you how to use a three-hole

punch if these are already where you

want them to be so as you can see you

want the paper to go in between those

little spots right there just like that

okay and that's gonna allow the paper to

go where the punching part of these

things will actually operate and on one

side of the three hole punch there's

gonna be a stopper for the paper so

here's the stopper and as you can see

over here on this side there's no

stopper the paper can slide right

through there

so what you want to do is you want to

take your sheet of paper or multiple

which I'll show you in just a minute and

you want to slide it in between those

three units and slide it all the way to

the stopper now you want to make sure

that it's lined up nicely in the

three-hole punch so you want to make

sure that it's touching evenly on the

back side there and then also touching

the stopper evenly now once you've done

that and everything is good to go you're

gonna hold the paper in place then

you're gonna actually use your hand and

press down on the three-hole punch now

for this unit right here you just have

to press this end down right here and it

will punch three holes in the paper just

like that and release it and when you

take your paper out you can see that I

have punched three holes in the paper

I've used the three-hole punch to punch

three holes in the paper now you can

also do this with multiple sheets of

paper so as you can see here I have a

few sheets of paper together and I'm

going to make sure that the papers are

nicely nicely stacked together okay

that's very important because you want

those three holes to line up on each

sheet of paper then I'm going to slide

these sheets into place and then slide

them to the stopper just like that and

make sure that they're lined up nicely

with the back

end of the three-hole punch and the

stopper just like that once everything's

lined up just hold your sheets of paper

in place and then once again operate the

three-hole punch you're gonna probably

have to press down a little bit harder

when you have multiple sheets of paper

and because you're punching holes

through multiple sheets of paper as you

can see all the holes line up on the

multiple sheets of paper okay so now

that that's done I'm going to turn the

unit around and just show you the back

end here so as you can see these are the

three parts where we can actually punch

holes in the paper now it's actually

really easy the operation of it is very

simple this little handle at the top

presses down on these pieces just like

that which actually allows them to punch

the holes in the paper now if you take a

look and you're three-hole punch allows

you to make adjustments which it likely

will then you're gonna see different

standards okay and different different

words that will tell you the adjustments

that you can make so right here these

three spots are on these standards so if

you take a look right there hopefully

you can see this it says standard okay

there's a short form for standard right

there there's also centers right here so

you can adjust based on the center's and

then there's a zone one in the middle

here and then there's more centers so

all that you have to do for this unit is

just unscrew these and you can use a

screwdriver because you can see there's

a little slot right there so you can

unscrew them to loosen them and then

move them wherever you want and the cool

thing is that wherever you move them

this piece right here this bar is gonna

press down properly on each of the units

that punches the holes in the paper but

that's basically it it's actually a very

simple process and in this video I have

shown you how to use a three-hole punch

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thanks for watching