Easy trick to unlock a suitcase luggage's password English Version

dear viewers welcome to our YouTube

channel holidays tools and travels today

I will show you an exclusive technique

to open the lock of any suitcase or

briefcase if you forget the number at

the time of traveling you can unlock

your suitcase in a single minute we're

following the trick but at first you

have to come is to would use of the

technique if you want to unlock such as

a flaw you have to notice a hole under

every number plate just I am showing you

I'm finding a hole under this number

plate it is very teeny I'm trying oh I

found I found a hole under two then I

try trying trying trying trying trying

trying oh I have found a hole under 9

then I'm moving it I found a log under 6

I pushed the button but it's not opening

I have failed now trying again and again

and changing the disease one by one now

3 1906 change 7

eight three chains four zero tensed one

and seven tensed 8/5 trying again five

changing to it changed and my fate again

changing six changing two into three

nine zero faith I had to try again and

again change into seven three two four

zero two one

failed again 8 4 into 5 one two - Oh

failed trying again 18 - 9 5 2 6 2 2 3


it has opened it's amazing

this technique is promised and freely

amazing so please don't try it to harm

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