How to Open any Number Lock in 1 Min | Full tutorial Unlock | Life Hacks | KesPra ✔

hi I am Kevin today I am going to tell

you how you can open a lock so here we

have to look on the left side of the

number dials and what we are actually

looking at is a gate which you can see

under a specific number as shown in the

top left image so let's start by turning

each tile and find for the gate under

each line here I can see gates directly

but you can also use a pin to fill the

gate in this lock I found the gates

below number 1 2 & 3 after finding the

gates to open the lock move all the

dials by one digit and check whether a

lock is open or not

and then again move all the dials by one

digit and repeat until you open the lock

after trying all those above patterns

which is followed by the pattern 1 2 3 I

found my pattern pin is 6 7 8 so this

whole process take only less than a

minute to open any number lock