How to unlock TSA 3 dial padlock

okay so today I'm gonna go ahead and

show you how to lock pick one of these

some luggage locks it is TSA approved so

you have the body of the lock you have

the dials it has a three three dials

this is the shackle you see it there

okay that's the shackle and then you

have the TSA key which is this is just

for the TSA agents I'm just like in the

built-in locks you have this and usually

they come at a zero zero zero factory

set code sometimes the the Tonto so you

would need to find that if it doesn't

but most of the time it does so you

would just put it at zero zero zero and

then it would open in this case mine

doesn't I have changed the code I don't

know the code so I'm gonna show you how

to find the code if you have lost it or

if you forgot it I have my keys here

which is what I have near me you could

use whatever you have I'm just gonna put

some pressure on the on the shackle here

so I'm gonna put my keys I'm gonna go

ahead and hold it like this just to to

create pressure on the lock so now my

dials have become a big heart to move

around I'm gonna start on the one in the

bottom and I'm gonna go ahead and rotate

it and rotate it so in one of the dials

you're gonna feel that it's more loose

and that's going to be the dial that

we're looking for

in case I'm having a bit trouble here

but seems like maybe it's going to be 9

okay so and seems this might be over

there it is you see that has a lot of

movement right there

so three then you go to the next numbers

okay you got to make sure that you feel

it it's it's a bit easy

there you go on - I believe I believe

that would be too

and you will definitely feel the

difference look at how easy this is and

this is quite hard to move

okay so just hope there it is it opened

up and that's how you find the code I

was there - one two three