How to Use DOUBLE XP Tokens in Modern Warfare Multiplayer! [COD MW]

bonuses in modern warfare yo how's it

going guys my name is Gator welcome back

to the channel wanted to do a quick

video covering how you can use double xp

tokens and other bonus tokens in modern

warfare multiplayer because it's not as

straight forward as it should be I also

want to give you a couple warnings about

using them so if you guys played the

campaign or you did any of the mountain

dew doritos thing you should have

unlocked some double xp tokens and if

you're like me you might have been

taking you know 30 minutes to figure out

how to use these things so you can't use

them in the multiplayer like regular

Lobby you can activate them in the

barracks you can't activate them in your

operators you can't activate them in the

weapons tab you can't do it in the

options the only way you can use a

weapon token is while you are searching

for a lobby so for example we got the

regular multiplayer screen look at the

you know right under that daily

challenges tab with that little X to

press the view challenge button is look

at this take note of that screen right

there you can't really do anything on

the screen but once I press a to go into

a quick play match you can see that XP

tokens are available I can press LS on

Xbox to open up my tab and I can scroll

through and see all the different weapon

XP tokens I have and there's different

rarities for different activation times

for these XP tokens so that's the only

way you can use them as of right now I'm

hoping they will change that in the

future along with a couple other things

that they need to update just for

quality of life sakes now the one

warning I want to give you is XP tokens

in this game once they are active the

counter will never stop when that you're

in a game of course it will be active

but while you're switching in between

games you're sitting on Lobby the timer

will still be counting down and even if

you log off the game and shut down your

console or PC the XP token will still be

ticking so make sure you're going to be

playing modern warfare for at least 30

minutes straight or 15 minutes or

however long the XP token you're gonna

activate is because you want to make

sure you get as much value out of that

token as possible and I'm hoping that's

something they will reconsider and

change in the future and just have it

active while you're actually in a game

and while the game timer is actually

taking this that's how it's been in the

pass and I don't know why they actually

changed it for this game so hopefully

that helped out hopefully learn

something new if you did hit the like

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