How To Open Your SACRAL CHAKRA - Teal Swan

As I've explained in previous videos your body is first and foremost made out of energies just like everything else in this universe

But before that energy becomes a physical body part, it organizes itself into chakras and meridians

Now with chakra is essentially a vortex of energy. It is both emitting and

receiving energy

Each one holds a very specific vibration and a specific purpose if chakra is a specific expression of prana. Otherwise known as lifeforce energy

when a chakra is out of alignment meaning that it's not letting enough vital force or pranic energy in

Then it tends to contract

It doesn't emit as much energy doesn't receive this much energy. It changes its pattern texture and sound

Now obviously when a chakra goes out of alignment

It pulls everything associated with that chakra every organ that's associated with it completely out of alignment as well

the traditional name for the sacral chakra is

Swit asthama, it is located in the centre of your lower body about three inches below your belly button through your lumbar vertebrae

The sacral chakra is the center of passion and personal power

Obviously it governs your virility your sensations

Even though all the chakras are energy centers. The chakra can be regarded as a master generator of your own essence of sort

It's the home of personal desire. It's the center of creativity and creation for this reason

This is the shoc are responsible for sexual and central energy

It is concerned with relationships to other people and how well we can relate to them and create with them in those relationships

The major question we have to ask relative to the sacral chakra is how do we live with people in our relationships especially regarding power?

Do we try to control them do we try to control ourselves do we let ourselves be controlled?

Do we keep ourselves completely bottled up with inhibition or do we allow ourselves to express freely?

Do we indulge in intimacy or do we live our life with the brakes on

This chakra governs our capacity to move out of survival towards pleasure, especially

Interpersonal pleasure and personal purpose because this chakra governs sensations when the chakras out of alignment

It is difficult for us to feel as if we are truly alive

This chakra governs your sexual organs your spleen your kidneys your womb

Lower vertebrae pelvis hips your bladder your appendix your large intestine and adrenal glands

So obviously any ailment that involves any one of these parts of your bodies suggests that your sacral chakra is out of alignment

The sacral chakra is the second chakra in the human system

It is traditionally associated with the color orange and it is also traditionally associated with the element of water

So what is it exactly that causes the sacral chakra to go out of alignment?

First and foremost it is people externally controlling us

hashtag childhood

Second it's whether or not we take that external control that was imposed on us and internalize it so we then control ourselves

The societal conditioning that we are born into teaches us that we can't actually be ourselves

We're not allowed to express our own essence. We have to hold ourselves back

We can't live in a line with our passion

We have to do things according to what would be the easiest and best for other people

Basically codependency in relationships which today is the most common style of relationships. So

As a result we put the lid on ourselves

we put the brakes on we hold back on our passion we go sideways of our own internal guidance system and

This pulls our sacral chakra and every other chakra completely out of alignment

when we restrict ourselves we go against our natural desires we did in ourselves and our ability to feel so we can live in the

State or shall I say not really live. We experience shame for our sensual pleasures shame for our sexuality

shame for virility

Obviously as a result of living in this way we feel like we have no more in you left

So knowing all that

this is what you can do to bring your sacral chakra back into a state of alignment and open it up so you can actually

Get some pranic force flowing there

first become aware of what it is exactly that is preventing the sacral chakra from being in a state of alignment you

Need to get used to the idea that health and alignment is actually the natural state of your being

So if something is out of alignment, it means there's something in the way if you remove that blockage

It will naturally flow in the direction of healing and alignment

So close your eyes and get clear about how you're out of alignment with your personal power personal desire personal pleasure

sexuality creativity and/or personal power in the relationship in your life

You can do this by asking questions and seeing whatever answers arise

For example, what is restricting me how am I restricting myself for keeping myself under control?

What is keeping me from being able to express myself creatively?

Why am I not allowed to feel pleasure? What is wrong about sensuality and/or sex?

what am I not allowing myself to feel the sensation of

What would be scary about unleashing myself and really feeling my personal power or showing it to other people?

What would happen if I expected people to relate to me?

How do I feel about passion?

When did I feel that? I lost a sense of passion and purpose

to do an intuitive exercise to see and

Become acquainted with the state of your sacral chakra to do this. Close your eyes then I want you to imagine what

Would it look like if you could see this chakra?

Not your projection of it more you intuitively receiving whatever image crops up when you asked to see your own sacral chakra

If you can't do this feel or sense your lower belly area

What color do you perceive it to have does it have any texture? Do you see any images associated with it?

Begin to question and understand what you're seeing. What does it tell you? What can you do to improve his current state?

for example when I asked to see an image of my segura chakra

I may see a dark cave that is frozen that may tell me that I feel emptiness there. I may then ask myself

What does this cave empty of or what does the cave represent? I'm a then imagine offering

It's something that I feel it needs

Like I may imagine sitting myself down inside it and giving it my company or I may see it melting ever so slowly by shining

light on its walls

3 there is no real difference between sexual energy and personal creative energy

You can't make an enemy of one without also making an enemy of the other

We've got to take sexuality out of the realm of societal shame

If you have an issue with the sacral chakra

Which trust me most people walk in the planet today do especially in cultures where there's been a dominant religion that has influenced the area

You got to get back into alignment with sexuality. You've got to reown your sexuality if

You have resistance to sexuality that is thoughts beliefs and actions that oppose healthy sexuality

This chakra will suffer and so will any part of you in association with it like it or not. You're a sexual being

Embrace and express it in healthy ways. And if you cannot deliberately seek out people who can help you to do just that for

Let yourself want and let yourself go for what you want

This chakra is so much about personal desire and personal pleasure

Going from survival towards pleasure

So as a result

If you're holding yourself

Back in any way from what you're wanting

If you're not letting yourself go in the direction of those things that you want

You're restricting the flow of energy and prana through this particular chakra

you should never

differentiate for the sake of this particular lesson between needs and wants a need is just an

Extreme want and you can do nothing other than to go in the direction of it

And if you don't do that

You are preventing your own personal expansion and more than that the expansion of this universe at large for this reason

I suggest you watch my video titled how to discover what you want and my video titled meet your needs

5 create create create

Creation is

Completely about this chakra you have got to let yourself

put something out into the world that you yourself generate a

creation can come in all kinds of different forms as long as you are that and

generating that thing

It can come in the form of somebody who paints a painting. It could be building a building

It can be creating an idea as long as you generate it you create it

Six heal the unhealthy patterns and dynamics inherent in your relationships, especially the ones relative to power

To be honest with you, I teach more about this subject than anything else I've got

So many videos on the subject of healthy relationships and how to create them. I highly suggest that you watch them

Nothing pulls the sacral chakra out of alignment more than unhealthy power dynamics within relationships the degree to which we give ourselves away

And let others take aspects of us


what we must learn as a species is how to let other people have their full power and let ourselves have our full power at

The same time to realize there's not actually a contradiction or a conflict between this concepts

We have to understand that we can have ourselves and be in relationships at the same time

It's not I need a long time and I need to gather time. No, I need my self and my freedom

Within the context of relationship not to be isolated not to be completely controlled

Seven and this one's gonna be hard for those of you who were raised with the idea that this is wrong


Allow yourself to completely indulge in sensual pleasures

Pleasure to your sense of smell

Pleasure to your sense of taste

pleasure to your sense of hearing

Pleasure in the form of touch pleasure to your eyes pleasure to your emotions pleasure to your mind pleasure to your soul

enable yourself

To do anything that is an indulgence with no brakes on in the realm of pleasure

Just make sure it's not causing pain for anyone else

Eight, you got to live according to your passions

if you're the kind of person that does things because they just have to be done or if you're the kind of person who has

a super practical job that you hate

Just because it makes ends meet then chances are your sacral chakra is gonna suffer?

Because you did not come here to live a life

that you're just getting through the motions of you came here to live a life in alignment with a very

Intense purpose that you set before coming to this life. You came to live in the limit with your joy

You came to follow your passions to the end of this earth

This means in order to bring your psycho chakra into alignment take any step necessary to live your life in perfect alignment with your passion

9 you got to learn how to feel

This chakra is all about letting yourself have

sensations and even emotional to come to us in the form of sensations


Therefore if you don't feel it's time to start feeling because you also didn't come to this earth to stay numb

You came here to get your hands dirty

dirty and emotions dirty and experience dirty and sensations

dirty and creation

For this reason watch my video titled how to feel learn how to start feeling

10 when you are super controlling

Obviously your sacral chakra is going to come out of alignment

obviously when we're a controlling person

We also try to control other people but the big problem is we control ourselves to within an inch of our lives

In the state we restrict ourselves when we restrict others

We restrict the natural soil of energy through our embodiment by doing this we choke the flow of creation

This means you get to set aside time to completely let go

Indulge completely let go of self control be impulsive

the impulsive and spontaneous

Surrender surrender to creative impulse triggered a sensual pleasure

Any activity that helps you let go and be uninhibited is like a tonic for the sacral chakra

11 any color that enhances your passion that makes you feel more alive is going to enhance your sacral chakra

that being said

This chakra is stimulated by and associated with the color orange and the color orange does

Genuinely have an effect on the chakra. Therefore surround yourself in this color. Eat things that are this color

Make sure that you wear this color

Anything you do even color therapy with color orange will assist the shocker

Another thing you could do is do art with this color. You can also do a visualization

Whereby you close your eyes and you imagine immersing yourself completely in this color

Twelve chakras are activated by sound I've explained that in my previous episodes on chakras

there are chakra bowls and chance and binaural beats that you can find all over the internet that are

Specifically dedicated to activating your sacral chakra

the sounds that are associated with this chakra are them and

What you can do is play around with the tonality of those sounds

So that you can feel the vibration as strong as you can for your body specifically in that area where your sacral chakra is associated?

playing around with the pitch of that sound taking it up and down until you find the note or multiple notes that cause you to

Feel the most relief in that Center have the greatest effect on this chakra

13 do yoga poses that are specifically designed for this chakra?

now what I find is that the sacral chakra is probably the most

easily responding to kundalini yoga because Kundalini Yoga is so

devoted to

Awakening this chakra as the center of personal power and personal energy

In my opinion some of the best poses are warrior pose

goddess pose the bound angle pose and the low lunge

Make sure when you're doing these poses that you breathe all the way deep into your belly around where your sacral chakra

Actually resides we talked about that all the time in conjunction with spiritual practices meditation and yoga

But it's really important when you're trying to activate the sacral chakra

Specifically, so what you want to do is to make sure that you're not breathing high up in the shallow and your lungs your breathing

Deep down in your belly and more than that. If you want to amplify the best breathe into your lower back

14 use stones that correlate and activate the sacral chakra

Specifically now there is one stone that reigns supreme for the sacral chakra and that is carnelian

My other favorite stones personally for this shock are the ones that I've seen activated the best are basalt

red Jasper

Spacer teen garnet

tangerine quartz




Tiger's eye

orange or coral calcite

orange aventurine and citrine

Use plant beings to assist the opening and the alignment of your sacral chakra

You can do this in any kind of way. You can do teas. You can do sachets you can do

Tinctures you can do essential oils. However, you do it

It doesn't matter as long as you are introducing yourself to the vibration of these specific plants that in turn activate your sacral chakra

now in my opinion the very best to activate the sacral chakra our


Ashwagandha root

saffron dark chocolate damiana

catuaba bark coriander paprika








cava and maca root

Some of you who are feeling super adventurous might want to make an essential oil where you create a blend of many of those things

You know last but not least eat foods that stimulate your sacral chakra

I'm gonna give you my favorite ones the ones that I notice activate the sacral chakra the very best

Now the primary one is chili peppers any kind of pepper. Actually the pepper family activates this chakra like nothing I've ever seen before

The other best foods are the sperm Erick fig

sweet potato papaya nut butters










pumpkin and


The healthy sacral chakra came here and viewed with the truth that you did not come here to live anything less passionate life

You came here to get yourself dirty in the world that you live in dirty and emotions dirty and relationships

dirty and sensual pleasures

You came here not to restrict yourself

But to completely express yourself in this physical time-space reality and to do so with vitality and virility

So let yourself live in alignment in this way and your sacral chakra will come into alignment as well